Subject: FYI: Caledonia/NESARA
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 14:30:56 -0400

This came from a cyberspace friend in Australia. . .

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Subject: ReclaimAustralia] Caledonia/Nesara/WTC

Hi Paul,

I have been informed that once again unauthorized incorrect comments have been made on behalf of the Principality of Caledonia, and I have visited this website to once again correct such fabrications.

Brian Mc Dermott has incorrectly stated that "Caledonia is unofficially pushing NESARA!!!"

Nothing from Caledonia is official unless such a statement comes from our website, or directly via emails that are signed by Caledonian government officials such as the signature to be found at the foot of this email.

While I have personally discussed the importance of NESARA to America, in seminar presentations recently, with NESARA's possible flow-on benefits to Australia thereafter, Caledonia has never endorsed NESARA either officially or unofficially. We have simply drawn people's attention to NESARA's existence.

Brian's research is most inaccurate!

NESARA was 100% endorsed by US Congress last Sunday, 9th Sep 2001, after which our intelligence research implies that the passing of NESARA had a very significant possible cause for the WTC attack by "INTERNAL USA CITIZEN ILLUMINATI INFLUENCED/CONTROLLED" personnel.

The insinuation that it was an external terrorist attack is purely Illuminati propaganda, that I might add is holding very well in
influencing USA citizen opinions at the moment, and is designed by the Illuminati to cause fighting between the Muslims and the
Christians, a tactic that they have been engaging in for many years now. Their goal is to create a World "Holy" War III, setting the Muslims against the Christians, while they (Illuminati/Jewish) fund both sides to the ultimate demise of both their enemy religions, just as they have done many times in the history of this planet.

As a pilot of fixed wing and helicopter aircraft, with a gas turbine endorsement (jet engine), I watch with great amusement at the make believe stories of Lisa King (alias Graham Carman?) and Scott ??? 1 gallon of petrol = 2 sticks of gelignite (what a load of rubbish)!

Len Clampett however, at least talks accurately from an experienced pilot's point of view.

Upon the 100% acceptance of the USA NESARA bill on Sunday 9th Sep 2001, the bill's implementation was to be carried out by a specially set-up Military Command centre, and at 9:00am Tue 11th Sep, all pre-trained USA banks were to begin the changeover to the new Treasury Note banking rules stipulated in the NESARA bill.

The computer rooms that were to initiate the NESARA bill data feed changeover at 9:00 a.m. on Tue 11th Sep were apparently located on 1st/2nd floors of the North Tower of the WTC.

The only part hit at the Pentagon was the exact location of the Military Command Centre assigned to the supervised implementation of the NESARA bill. The White Knights of Justice have advised that an undisclosed military control centre, also important to the NESARA implementation, was located exactly where the aircraft was caused to crash in Pennsylvania.

So far, one of the expected "INTERNAL USA TERRORISTS" was found to be the Head…[Dove deleted inaccurate info here]. Unfortunately he had alluded all, as a high ranking Illuminati official. He managed to escape the FBI after his 1st arrest, however, we have been advised that he was recaptured shortly after his initial escape from custody.

As the pending success and revolutionary changes to USA expected by the implementation of the NESARA bill were detrimental to the worldwide controlling and manipulative activities of the Illuminati, the WTC, Pentagon, Pennsylvania attack was not surprising, considering how devastating an effect the NESARA bill will have on the Illuminati worldwide movement.

Unfounded claims that the creators of NESARA have no idea of what they are doing, particularly now that the bill has been discussed in March & August 2000 by the Clinton government, and passed by the Bush government in September 2001, implies that all NESARA parties, and all USA Congress have no idea what they are doing economically!

What is of considerable concern to USA intelligence at the moment, is that the 3 targets hit, (as long as one does not assume that these 3 targets were accidentally the three most significant locations to have been responsible for the initial launching of NESARA), were only 3 of 17 possible targets that could interfere with NESARA's implementation. Does this mean that the USA is clear of any residual attack problems that may be outstanding by the Illuminati re the remaining 14 targets?

Yesterday, it was interesting to note that possible INTERNALLY LOCATED TERRORISTS, in full pilot uniforms were apprehended at a couple of USA airports, reporting for duty, but fortunately were apprehended as soon as they were identified as not being on the payroll of any of the airlines operating from those locations.

The location airports were close to other of the remaining 14 NESARA implementation centers.

One of the "good guys", Colin Powell, was identified as a White Knight of Justice as recognised in the NESARA plan, and if you listen carefully to the care with which he speaks of the apprehension of those concerned with the disaster last Tuesday, he cautions Americans to wait for a full investigation to eliminate internal possible terrorists before assuming overseas terrorist activities!

Regardless of whether people on these websites agree or even have the knowledge or economic training to comment on the sophistication of NESARA, we can assure you that its implementation is now unstoppable, and its pending implementation in the USA, is the worst possible thing that can happen to the worldwide Illuminati One World Order plans for mankind.

That is why there were 12 USA Federal agents shot in Washington DC in the weeks leading up to the WTC disaster, with many others being disarmed by the White Knights of Justice, ably assisted by the USA military under the command of another of the White Knights of Justice. In excess of 20 people were shot during these preceding weeks, all of whom are fortunately expected to live through their ordeal.

Have a good look at the many replays available re the WTC towers collapse, and ask yourselves why there were many different pre-set-up camera angles, aimed in advance at both towers, filming accurately the aircraft collisions? How did these camera crews know that day, at that time, to have their cameras and crews set to film the WTC?

One report has said that CNN was alerted by one of the aircraft passenger's via their mobile telephone!! Really, how stupid do they think people are? Do you really think that onboard terrorists are going to discuss their plans with the passengers while simultaneously controlling cockpit activities, and which of any of you, had you been on board those aircraft, would make potentially your last mobile telephone call before imminent death, to CNN rather than your loved ones?

The USA intelligence reports of finding a vehicle with pilot/aircraft maps in Arabic seems to contradict the fact that 1) the international language used in flying aircraft is English and 2) the FAA has announced that there are no known USA area maps ever produced in anything other than the English language for reason 1).

Why has there been so far only some 4,000-5,000 people found in the WTC wreckage, when the estimated occupation of two towers of 110 floors of people is estimated at 50,000 people? What you should be asking yourself, is how many people were knowledgeable, or at least caused to be away from the WTC building at a time when most would normally have turned up for work and should have been at least within the vicinity of their desks by 8:45am on a normal working Tuesday morning?

Isn't it interesting how each tower, with the lower floors showing no pre-collapse straining, collapse vertically, exactly as one would expect in a professional modern-built building demolition exercise? Isn't it interesting how the South Tower collapsed in exactly the same perfect "vertical-demolition" mode as the North Tower?

Demolition experts have commented that the only way to demolish any modern day building, which was constructed using computer designing facilities, and for which the original blueprints are not available at the time a building's demolition, is to bomb it using carefully pre-set explosives, so as to insure that the building collapses vertically, thereby not damaging adjacent buildings.

The reason is given that computer constructed buildings are designed with such accurate computer calculated stress tolerances, that the removal of one wrong pillar, wall, girder, could cause the building to explode "in all directions"!!

Not so with the WTC was it? Surely the unexpected impact of a collision with a passenger aircraft could hardly be equated with the careful blueprint controlled demolition/dismantling of a computer designed 110 floor building?

That's right, you got it, the North Tower collapsed about 1.75 hours after the aircraft impact, with absolutely no prior signs of lower floor stress or damage - no building material blowouts, no lower floor fires, no broken windows, as a matter of fact, that is why it was reported that so many people were able to get out of the towers before the entire structure was bombed internally!

Dr. David R. Siminton

Governor - State of Sherwood
Principality of Caledonia