Let's Slay The Evil Monsters - The Usury Elites' Group of Companies
By Tommy-Usury: Free

It intrigues me that so many people give lip-service to the mission of the UsuryFree Network www.cyberclass.net/usuryfree.htm and yet they keep spending their money with the evil conglomerates who make up the Usury Elites' Group of Companies. Which companies make up the Usury Elites' Group of Companies? Costco and Wall Mart are two evil conglomerated which immediately come to mind and yet multiple millions of Americans and Canadians flock to these stores every day for pennies' savings. A sample listing of the some of the Usury Elites' Group of Companies is posted at this URL: www.cyberclass.net/shopathome.htm

Let's assume that those giant companies (corporations and franchises) which have stretched their tentacles to the third world are likely to be part of the Usury Elites' Group of Companies, otherwise they would not be functioning in the global arena. BTW, Michael Ruppert who maintains www.fromthewilderness.com has explained that many franchises are ideal money laundering fronts for the Usury Elites. Likewise, casinos are well known for their ability to facilitate money laundering.

By continuing to line the pockets of the Usury Elites' Group of Companies we-the-people are enlarging their global database and thereby adding to their influence in the creation of their New World Order. For many years I have been urging readers/visitors at The Cyberclass Network to consciously change their shopping habits and thereby spend their money differently www.cyberclass.net/servingothers.htm I have likewise encouraged we-the-people to re-educate their families, friends, neighbours, working colleagues, business associates etc. to do the same.

We-the-people must move our business away from the Usury Elites' Group of Companies and thereby help thwart their rush to create a New World Order. We-the-people must be re-educated to understand that the key to our domination by evil conglomerates is their absolute control over us to a point where we knowingly or unknowingly are supporting their mission to enslave us financially and otherwise. The mainstream media monopoly continually lies to us and falsely depicts anyone who opposes the New World Order as misfits.

We-the-people now have a unique opportunity to 'serve others and spend money differently' given the ease of modern technology which will permit us to create our own loyal database of small to medium-sized community businesses and/or home-based businesses on the Internet. The National Savings Club www.cyberclass.net/nsc.htm a small online enterprise which is located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada has taken the initiative to launch an online database which will focus on inviting consumers to change their shopping habits to support those small to medium-sized community businesses and/or home-based enterprises on their growing database. The National Savings Club offers we-the-people respectable commissions when we enrol entrepreneurs as members to be listed on the database. To read about enrolment visit this URL: www.cyberclass.net/enrollment.htm For complete details contact Tommy-Usury: Free.

I am particularly excited about this new database being created by the National Savings Club as I have been trying to launch the Third Market database for some time BUT I haven't had the money to finance the initial launch of such an enterprise. Details at the Third Market Cyberclassroom: www.cyberclass.net/thirdmarket.htm Though the National Savings Club is currently focused on 'points' as a local currency, when we-the-people increase the database significantly we can 're-educate' the principals of the National Savings Club about how they can implement a 'usuryfree' time currency as the optimal currency for the National Savings Club community.

The underlying trend to shop-at-home is in our favour. With a concerted and deliberate effort on the part of we-the-people, we can fragment the Usury Elites' Group of Companies and properly realize our own loyal database. The evil conglomerates have been controlling us for far too long. We-the-people must take action now and take back our local communities, our countries and this planet from the Usury Elites' Group of Companies. This will require a secession of financial support from the corporate, New World Order advocates and our patsy politicians who support (knowingly or unknowingly) their devious plan to enslave us. Indeed, we can slay the evil monsters by creating our own loyal database and re-educating ourselves and others to shop from this new database.

The SDI (Self Directed Income) industry - otherwise known as the network marketing and/or multi-level marketing industry - is positioned to effectively lead the way in building this loyal database with 10 million+ SDI entrepreneurs in the United States and 1 million+ SDI entrepreneurs in Canada. With these numbers the SDI entrepreneurs can re-direct billions of dollars of monthly spending away from the Usury Elites' Group of Companies. By creating 'affinity' networks within the infrastructure of the National Savings Club, the SDI entrepreneurs can both exploit and drive this database which advocates supporting community consolidation locally, nationally and internationally. To advance this community-oriented strategy in the optimal manner we-the-people must re-educate the leaders in the SDI industry so that they will be prepared to teach their networks 'what they don't know they don't know.'

The National Savings Club must become deeply enmeshed with the SDI industry for its connections can facilitate the 're-education' process locally, nationally and internationally in a very efficient manner through its already established infrastructure within the respective SDI networks. Additionally, the SDI industry has been widely and plausibly lauded for its (a) unique network marketing practices and (b) its focus on personal growth and how such growth is proportional to one's prosperity which includes financial success.

Some answers to comments and/or anticipated questions:

Q. Will spending our money differently really work?
A. Historically, there is much empirical evidence that boycotting major corporations works. If we-the-people don't learn to boycott the Usury Elites' Group of Companies which are intimidating and dominating us, we will be totally enslaved by them in the not-too-distant-future.

Q. What if I am attached to AOL, Ma Bell, Wall Mart, Costco, Esso, Monsanto, McDonald's etc.?
A. With no intent to be rude, I must be direct. To be so attached to ruthless and evil conglomerates is to be (a) stupid and (b) lazy. It is essential to change the way you spend your money. It's time to shop differently. Let's support each other within our own loyal database.

There is a great old saying by Russian chess players: "A threat is more powerful than its execution." In reference to this old saying, we-the-people can first make the threat to withdraw our financial support from the Usury Elites' Group of Companies and then we can follow up and to their surprise we can execute our threat. Our action can potentially have a stalling effect on the agenda to implement their New World Order with their electronic chipping of we-the-people. Indeed, it's time to show the Usury Elites' Group of Companies that we are awakening and withdrawing our financial support

We-the-people can create a stunning out-of-nowhere-success by having an online database of buyers and sellers which can quickly become the largest database the world has ever known. By 're-educating' multiple millions fast we-the-people can eventually re-shape their New World Order by implementing a 'usuryfree' time currency for the mutual benefit of everyone on planet earth. More details about the concept of a 'usuryfree' time currency at the UsuryFree Time Currency Cyberclassroom: www.cyberclass.net/ufoh.htm

I implore readers to make it a personal goal over the next two months to 'serve others and spend money differently' by shopping within the database currently being built with the co-operation of we-the-people and The National Savings Club.

Any readers who manage a website, please put links to these articles and encourage others to do likewise so we can expedite the growth of this timely database.

Enjoy this day!
Working with you for 'peace and plenty' by 2020
Tommy-Usury: Free otherwise known as 'Tom-Joseph: Kennedy'

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