Marshall Smith
The Phoney War in Afghanistan
Sat Oct 13 16:42:09 2001

The Phoney War in Afghanistan

the bottom line .....

The current "war" on Afghanistani terrorism is a misdirection and a hoax. As pointed out in the
book "Black Gold Hot Gold" the oil expected to flow from the vast oilfields under the Russian
Caspian Sea, discovered about 20 years ago remains undrilled and untapped. That field contains
about 500 years worth of oil at present world consumption rates.

The only possible oil pipeline routes at the present time to handle the massive flow of oil from
the Caspian Sea region under Chenya is either through Kosovo to the Mediterranean Sea, or
through Afghanistan and Pakistan to the Indian Ocean. Two years ago, the Clinton administration
attempted to place Kosovo under international control and begin pipeline construction, but was
unable to complete the process.

The normal oil route would have been to move oil from Chenya, across the Black Sea and
through the Bosporus to the Mediterranean. But the narrow Bosporus channel is already clogged
with oil tankers from the existing Black Sea oilfields. The only alternate is to move the tankers from
the Black Sea, bypassing the Bosporus, up the Danube River and then through a very short
pipeline across Kosovo to the Mediterranean at Tirana, Albania. That process was stopped by the
Chinese who have supplied and armed the Albanians, as a client state, since 1949.

Following the Soviet discovery of the vast Chechen oilfields in the late 1970's, they attempted to
take control of Afghanistan to provide a massive pipeline system to allow the Soviets to market their
oil directly from the Afghan-Pakistan seaport. This resulted in the decades long Soviet-Afghan war.
The Soviets were stopped by the U.S. supplied and armed insurgent groups, including Osama bin
Laden, who defeated the Soviets in the late 1980's.

The Soviets had massively built up their military in the 1980's, including the world's largest
nuclear submarine fleet, gambling on the huge profits to be made by selling their Chechen oil on
the open market. When the Afghans under bin Laden, backed by the U.S. CIA stopped the
construction of the Soviet-Afghan pipeline, the Soviet Union went through an economic collapse
and ceased to exist in 1991.

The vast Chechen oilfield still remains fallow and untapped. As identified in "Black Gold Hot
Gold," the Empire of Energy is now making a new attempt to market the Chechen oil by carpet
bombing Afghanistan and building the Afghan pipeline.

George W. Bush's statement about declaring war on "terrorism" is obviously hollow and sallow.
It strangely does not include the terrorists in Northern Ireland, nor even the terrorist suicide
bombers among the Palestinians. Instead it makes an instant leap of logic to aim the U.S. military
directly at Afghanistan.

The terrain in northern Afghanistan is the arid rugged foothills of the Himalayas known as the
Hindu Kush and is defended by the large fierce tribal armies of the Northern Alliance who are
excellent guerilla fighters with years of experience fighting Soviets, now backed by the Chinese,
and not connected with the main Taliban government in Kabul. The Soviets spent over 10 years at
great expense to attack and "carpet bomb" Afghanistan, but they found fortress Himalaya is
impenetrable. The result was tremendous loss of Soviet lives and the economic collapse of the
Soviet Union.

George Bush is now leading the United States down that same road. The Empire of Energy has
for almost 100 years had as its goal the dismantling of the United States of America and
amalgamating it into one large global energy market. They have found in George Bush a willing
partner. Any war in Afghanistan would pit the U.S. against the Chinese who just last week, on the
day of the Word Trade Center attack, signed a mutual pact with the Afghans.

In the last 50 years the U.S, has fought numerous wars against the Chinese, as in Korea,
Vietnam and elsewhere. In those wars the result was always a draw with massive loss of life. Even
high tech "smart" weapons in Kosovo were unable to defeat the Chinese. In the upcoming Afghan
war with the Chinese, the U.S. will lose by simple attrition. Neither smart bombs nor nuclear bombs
work against hidden terrorists or against fortress Himalaya. There are more Chinese soldiers in
uniform than the whole population of the U.S.

Numerous recent news stories indicate the attack on the World Trade Center was known to the
CIA and FBI weeks before the attack. Seemingly nothing was done. As for America, its panzers ran
out of gas with the "strange" fraudulent election of November 2000. Both G.W. Bush and Al Gore
were backed by the Empire of Energy, so it didn't matter for whom you voted. Americans have
been anesthetized and put to sleep by their lack of knowledge of world history, as America

-------------- Marshall Smith

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