There is a spiritual awakening happening all around planet earth

At this Spirit Cyberclassroom, you are invited to review these links to websites of people who are taking a leading role in fostering and facilitating this spiritual awakening. Some of these links are to website which espouse traditional spirituality while other are defined as less dogmatic and more "new agey."

Depending on our real life experiences and our personal evolution we are where we are with our spirituality at this time in this incarnation. You may read controverisal and contradictory information at The Spirit Cyberclassroom. It is not the mission of The Cyberclass Network to censor but to share and thereby permit the readers to discern what form of spirituality works for them. Enjoy this day and smile and make someone happy today!

"For the rest of my life I want to reflect on what Light is." - Albert Einstein

Alistair Smith Great Mystery
KJ Lightsurfer Willaru Huayta
Indigo Children Wovoca
A Hopi Prophecy Jean Hudon
Universal Vision Meditation
Spirit Web Greg Braden
Ken Page Drunvalo Melchizedek
Flower Of Life Dr Sharon Forest
Spirit Directory James Twyman
Peace Pilgrim Robert Ghost Wolf
Lightworker Dan Winter
Dan Millman Monroe Institute
Sacred Sights Spirit Way
Ernest Moyer The Great Pyramid Of Giza
Dr. R. W. Bernard Sai Baba
School Of Ascension Ash Wednesday?
Life Coaching The Kogi
4th Dimension Spirit Ministry The Secular Web
Sacred Water The Urantia Papers
Two Laws HigherPath
Hopi Message Aligning With Purpose
Purple Plates Twin Flame Distribution
Spiritual Fasting Body, Soul & Spirit
The Nagual Network Laura Paxton
Carlos Castaneda Divine Powers
Fight The Fear Prophecy
Hilarion Interview With God
Pigeon Finds Soulmate Trinity Project
Quartz Crystals Sound Wave Energy
Frequency Affirmations Teachings Of A New Day
The Great Invocation Lucius Trust
Alice Bailey Cities of Light
Global-Light Network Sollog
Jeremiah Films Delphi Associates
The I AM Project True Healing
CoCreah The Rainbow Swastika
Triangles of Light Temple of the Presence
Wings of Healing Body, Soul & Spirit
The Violet Flame St. Germain Foundation
Kathleen Keating Spirit Voice Newsletter
Shared Wisdom Ormus
Hidden Messages Barefoot's World
Right Now Multi-Dimensional Living
Miracle6 Sufism & Science
Was Jesus A Vegetarian? Foundation
Spirit Ministry Global Renaissance Alliance
PeacefulTomorrows Hogue Prophecy
The Kensignton Runestone Dr Wayne Dyer
Electronic Voice Phenomenon Reformation!
How To Quit Church ! An Unorthodox Bible Scholar
Biblical Astronomy Freedom From Religion ?
The Living Cosmic Cube Victor Zammit
Grand Canyon Egypt & The Grand Canyon
Prophecy & Preparedness The Pope & The Jesuits
Visions & Prophecies Passage 11
The Nibiruan Council Letters From Andromeda
Allies of Humanity Personal & Planetary Changes
Ancient Manuscripts Evangelical Truth
Catholic Concerns From Godspell To God Games
Planetary Activation Organization The Society of Light
William Henry Withness Questionnaire
The Insight The Insight - Health