Greetings TCN/Untax Readers, Stone Mills Township Residents and/or Otherwise:

There are absolutely no coincidences. Events, happenings and issues are speeding up and becoming more intense as we progress into the Spring of 2001. Having been aware of what is really going on behind the scenes in world politics and power since I read Gary Allen's paperback entitled "None Dare Call It Conspiracy" in 1981 I am not at all suprised that the NWO (New World Order) agenda is boldly moving into rural Ontario, faclilitated by people who "do not know they don't know."

The current, heated issue of the application for a "PigFarm" in Erinsville, Ontario, Canada is not just an issue for the local residents of Stone Mills Township to "grasp at straws." Rather, it is one more example of how the Global Elite are manipulating misinformed and disinformed citizens in local communities everywhere, in their haste to usher in their New World Order (NWO). Now that there is a blatant example of NWO intrusion in a rural Ontario community, the rest of Canada and the world can learn with the Stone Mills Community and everybody is invited to reach out and teach people "what they don't know they don't know."

Note: Please network this email locally and globally to speed up the "re-education" process.

At 5:30 PM on Monday, March  19, 2001 I stopped at the farmhouse in Erinsville, Ontario. I was on my way home from Total Health 2001 - the premier "Alternative Health Show" in Canada. Marie, (that's my mother) briefed me on the ongoing local issue which has everyone "hamstrung" and she told me that there was a Stone Mills Council meeting at 7:30 PM. Since, I have been considering presenting Stone Mills Council with information about how a local "community currency" could be implemented by the municipal level of politics, I decided to attend.


Below is a fair summary of the presentations and discussion about the controversial, proposed "pig farm" - as presented to the Stone Mills Council Meeting on Monday, March 19, 2001 by the Concerned Citizens for our Community Environment (CCCE) at the Stone Mills Council Chambers.

Tom J. Kennedy otherwise known as "Tommy-No: Usury"

 Monday, March 19, 2000  

Stone Mills Township Council Meeting at 7:30 PM

: James MacDonald
Doug Bearance
Debbie Thompson
Duane Williams
Robert Gaffney
Darlene (Clerk)
14 citizens

After the meeting was called to order Jill Smith was invited to make a presentation on behalf of Concerned Citizens for our Community Environment (CCCE) and Robert Scott was advised that he would make a second presentation.

Jill requested permission to make a tape recording of the presentation. All council members agreed with no objections.

Jill began by referring to a brief letter from Colette Drisdale regretting that she could not be there. Then she passed out a copy of her presentation.

Concerns for Stone Mills Municipal Council Meeting
March 19, 2001

We, Jill Smith and Robert Scott, have been asked by members of the community to represent them at this meeting. Some concerns and suggestions have been raised since the Slack’s open meeting and we want to address them as they have been presented to us, the Concerned Citizens for Our Community Environments (CCCE).

1. Conflict of Interest on Council: Many people stated their concern regarding the impression that the Reeve made chairing Mr. Slack’s meeting. These citizens and ratepayers wonder if this means that Council will or will not take their concerns seriously.

We want assurance from the Council that the Reeve’s position is on this intensive farm will be made clear and that he is aware of the opposition to the farm?

2. The Public Good: Residents asked us to bring to your attention the fact that according to OMAFRA statistics, only 15% of the rural population of Ontario is actually engaged in farming activities. In the Township of Stone Mills, the Reeve stated in Council on March 5, 2001 that only 10% of Stone Mills township’s economic base is in farming. Although the Committee and the residents it represents are completely supportive of family farms, they want to know how 10% (or less) of the township’s population can dictate what the other 90% should do and why this minority is permitted to so deeply affect the lives of the majority.

Is Council aware of this?

3. Property Values: Many Erinsville and Beaver Lake residents have listed their properties for sale. Several have reported that prospective buyers have refused to make offers because of the possibility of a “pig farm.” Just the “possibility” of a pig farm is affecting residents, both those of us who have lived here all their lives and those who have chosen this area as a place of residence. It is worth noting that no permit has been issued as yet.

Residents do not understand how it is that their elected officials can allow this devastation to happen to them personally or to the municipality since the tax base will be severely eroded. For example:

1) The operation will put undue stress on the township infrastructure. Costs, like road maintenance. will go up.

2) Monitoring. The Council has publicly stated our tax base can't afford to monitor this type of operation, but it will have to be done.
3) Consider all the money we have spent to date on this proposal, and how much more will be spent?
4) If properties are re-assessed at a lower rate, this will reduce tax revenues.
5) Many residents are placing building projects on hold, therefore construction jobs are already being lost  (carpenters, plumbers, cabinet makers, electricians, suppliers, etc.)

Residents live here because they enjoy the land. Some commute 1,000s of kilometers to work weekly because of their commitment to this land and the people who live on it. Some have worked their entire lives to own real estate in this municipality. Some have chosen to retire here to live in peace.

Over 150 residents came to a meeting last week to show the Council, their elected officials, that they care about the quality of their community life and that they care about the land, air, and water that is a part of our community.

We can see what Council is doing for Mr. Slack, but we wonder what Council is doing for us?

4. Legal Counsel: As a Community, we are ready to retain legal counsel, in order to do this, we must be certain that there is no conflict of interest between our counsel and that of the backers of Mr. Mark Slack. We must be told, in an open fashion and quickly, who these backers are. If we are not told, we have little choice but to hold Stone Mills Council responsible for preventing its citizens from executing their right to legal assistance.

Will Council assist in obtaining this information?

5. Public Meeting: We want to inform Council that they will be invited to attend a public meeting within the next few weeks. Council will be notified with a date.

6. Request for Documents: Residents requested, in writing, documents concerning Mark Slack’s application for permit on February 26, 2001. We have yet to receive a response to this request. Under the Freedom of Information Act, we have the right to a response in 30 days of our request. There are only 4 more days left for Council to respond.

Will Council assure us that this information is forthcoming?

7.1 Misinformation Regarding the Nutrient Management Plan: Part 1: According to a source close to the Slacks, Mr. Slack’s 100 acres in Con. 8 Tyendinaga is grown up with brush and prickly ash and you could not drive a tractor there.  Furthermore, the land in Con 5 at Blessington has a creek through it that runs right into the river and is too stony to be tilled.

Can Council confirm that OMFRA has looked at Mr. Slack’s land?

7.2 Part 2: If he cannot spread on that land, how can he say that he owns 40% of the land on which he is going to spread, the percentage laid out in the “Intensive Farming By-law,” then how can he be said to be conforming to the by-law? It was stated on March 12, 2001, that Slack was only going to spread on 120 acres at Erinsville. If Tyendinaga is taken out, that is only 12%.

What assurance can Council give us that it is looking into this matter?

8. Liability of Local Farmers: Residents suggested that Council make a point of reminding area farmers of their liability and insurability with respect to manure spreading. According to the by-law, Mr. Slack must provide environmental insurance and we question how this is going to be done. Also, residents pointed to the absence in the by-law for Mr. Slack to require environmental insurance on his own land.

Residents request clarification of this point.

9. Independent Review: Residents recommend to Council that we open up the process of defining the scope of, and the participants in, an independent review to include a member of the Agricultural Committee and a community representative. This would allow the community to participate in the process while ensuring John Uliana cannot be held solely responsible for this review. Residents think the process should focus on establishing who performs the independent review and what the scope of that review will be.

Can residents expect Council’s support on this point?

10. Potential Conflict of Interest: Residents feel very uncomfortable about Council proposing Cummings, Coburn for the independent review without considering other firms.  Why is this process not open bidding?

Residents recognize the potential for conflict of interest and seek the assurance of Council that there will be none. We support the questions of Councilor Gaffney, who asked in the March 5th Council  meeting how impartial the independent review might be.

11. Privacy: Residents seek assurance in writing that the tape made of last Monday’s meeting has in fact been destroyed.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to and respond to these points. Written response may be made to the Concerned Citizens for Our Community Environments (CCCE), c/o Box 375, Tamworth, Ontario, K0K 3G0.
Jill Sherrill Smith  

Zen saying: "If you want to know where you are, look down at your feet."

When Jill finished her presentation she asked for questions and/or comment from the Reeve and/or Councillors. Robert Gaffney congratulated her on a very good presentation. Then he commented that they regularly get a copy of any presentations of the Friday afternoon before the Monday Council meeting so that they have sufficient time to read the documents and be better prepared. He also mentioned that Darlene should receive any information on the Thursday afternoon so that she has sufficient time to prepare the documents for distribution.

Note: Any future presentations should be presented to Darlene as requested.

Robert expresed that Council has made a presentation to the provincial government and that they are eagerly awaiting legislation.

Jill responded to Robert that a Focus Group of residents of Stone Mills were requesting to know if Council could pass a By-Law banning "intensive farming." in the township.

Robert responded that it would be very difficult indeed to do at this time.

Duane then talked about the history of this current "pig farm" crisis beginning with a rumor in the winter of 2000. He talked of having an audience with two Parliamentary Assistants in Toronto in February of 2000 - Toby Barrett (Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of the Environment) and someone else. He explained that Council made the provincial government fully aware of their concerns. Duane also commented on the "conflict of interest" issue raised by Jill. Duane explained that since there was no monetary gain, there was no conflict of interest by any legal definition.

Jill responded by saying that people perceived a "conflict of interest" by seeing the Reeve in the position of chairman at last Monday's meeting. No one asked the Reeve directly if Mark Slack paid him any money for serving the role of chairman.

Duane repeated that there was no "conflict of interest" by the legal definition. Then he added, that Council has some concerns and that they would seek an independent review of issues raised.

Robert commented on the "conflict of interest" issue by suggesting that no matter who Mark Slack chose as chairman there would likely be a misperception about "conflict of interest."

Reeve James MacDonald interjected with the following comment: "People are grasping at straws." Then he added that Mr. Slack asked me to chair the meeting. He explained that at first he was going to decline, then he decided that he would be the best person capable of running the meeting and achieving a sense of order. He explained that it was his decision alone to accept to chair the meeting and that Council has nothing to do with this personal decision.

Jill corrected Reeve MacDonald and people were definitely NOT grasping at straws but rather making a commentary about the process and procedures of the March 12th meeting.

Doug congratulated Jill on her good presentation. He explained that he did not know who Mark Slack's financial backer is. He commented that though he does not agree with the location selected by Mark Slack, if he (Mark Slack) adheres to the process and procedures that his rights must be honoured too. He commented that if it is to be stopped it must be stopped legally. He further commented that if the Independent Review comes back favourable that Council would have to comply.

Jill apologized for not getting her presentation to the Council on the Thursday afternoon before the council meeting. Then she questioned Council about having a member of the Agricultural Society and a member from the community on the Committee which will be choosing the party to do the Independent Review.

Doug interjected with the point that he agreed with the Reeve being the chairman of the meeting on Monday, March 12th.

Duane commented that he had just returned from a week's vacation where he tried to leave municipal politics at Stone Mills BUT that every time he went to eat sausage for breakfast he though of the "pig farm." He then went on to discuss how financial backers of industry projects have an unexplained protection from being identified. He talked about when GoodYear moved into the Napanee area and how the Council did not know what the industry was nor who the backers were in the initial stages. He explained that Council really has no authority to force the issue on the identity of the financial backer.

Reeve MacDonald interjected by saying that Mark Slack said his backer was CIBC.

Jill responded by saying: "We are sure there is more."

Reeve MacDonald answered by repeating that any further information about financial backing for the project would have to come from Mark Slack.

Jill reminded Council that "intensive farming" is an "industry."

Duane explained that Council was well aware of the phraseology and that Mark Slack's operation was indeed a "factory farm."

Robert raised the issue of "liability insurance" and explained that Mark Slack's operation would be one of two farmers in Stone Mills Township who would have to comply with a Management Nutrient Study. Robert went on to explain that it would therefore be one of the safest farms in the township as there are no such constraints on the other farmers.

Reeve MacDonald pointed out that all farmers voluntarily carry liability insurance.

At this point the discussion of Jill's presentation was closed. Council thanked Jill and then requested Robert Scott to make his presentation. Because there were now two Robert's at the table each will be identified in full name.)

Robert Scott passed out copies of his information and maps re: the Hydrogeological Study. (Robert Scott's report is posted at this URL: Robert Scott explained that after last Monday's meeting he asked Mark Slack's person who developed the "Terms of Reference" and he answered that Mark Slack did. Robert Scott further explained that when he asked him how many test pits were dug he answered "Four." When Robert Scott asked him about how he would defend any action in a Court of Law he indicated that he would not likely have to since the "Terms of Reference" were established by Mark Slack and not himself.

Robert Scott then explained that he would suggest some credible "Terms of Reference."

Robert Gaffney then asked about the dates of the maps. Robert Scott answered that he had left the textbook at home but he assured Robert Gaffney that the maps were definitely accurate and that these massive rock and soil formations do not change very much over thousands of years.

Robert Scott reminded Council that they must insist on a very professional hydrogeological study and that the person or persons doing it must be competent, have proven ability and their qualifications must be verified. Furthermore, he stressed that accountability must be a priority item whereby the person signing the finished document must be fully responsible for any outcomes.

Robert Scott elaborated about: professionalism, quality control, field surveys, test holes, drainage, water sampling after field survey, public consultation and liability insurance.

Robert Scott had two final questions:

1. Will the Council of the Township of Stone Mills require rock boring and well monitoring?

2. Will the Council of the Township of Stone Mills conduct a proper hydrogeological study addressing all of the issues raised in his presentation?

Reeve MacDonald commented that Council was not in a position to hire a highly paid professional.

Robert Scott reminded Council that Mark Slack's person had answered that he didn't have to be concerned about defending himself in a Court of Law since: "It was not in my "Terms of Reference."

Reeve MacDonald commented that the Stone Mills Nutrient Management Plan is the only one in the province.

Robert Scott pointed out again that if something goes wrong, someone must pay and according to the suggested "Terms of Reference" for Mark Slack's person it won't be him so who will it be?

Jill interjected that other municipalities are now creating tighter by-laws to deal with Nutrient Management because of previous problems in other places.

Robert Gaffney explained that controlling pollution is definitely a part of an effective Nutrient Management Plan.

At this point Council thanked Robert Scott for his presentation and adjourned for a five minute break. During the break a newspaper reporter talked with Robert Scott.

After the break six of the fourteen citizens stayed to observe the rest the Council meeting. One piece of correspondence re: the pig farm issue was briefly discussed, otherwise the rest of the issues dealt with routine business.

After the meeting I spoke briefly with Councillor, Robert Gaffney. I told him that I had shared information with Ottawa City Council and Calgary City Council about how the "usury-free" LETS software can be utilized by the municipal level of government to foster "abundance and prosperity" for all local residents. I will forward more information to Reeve James MacDonald and the Councillors about the "community currency" later this week.

I have some thoughts to share with readers after observing tonight's Council meeting of the municipality which now governs the old "Sheffield Township" where I was born on September 1, 1948. This issue of the "pig farm" has the potential to divide or unite the community of Stone Mills Township. I urge those who are "for" and "against" the "pig farm" to do the research and become fully aware that "intensive farming" is simply a code word for "genocidal globalization."

Let me clarify. During the 1980's (1981 until 1991) I published the LEADS Newsletter wherein I wrote many articles about issues relating to politics (provincially, nationally and globally). In 1987, I published an article entitled "The Genocide of The Farmer." <>The content of that article is applicable to the situation facing the farmers in Stone Mills Township and elsewhere in the Spring of 2001. In that same issue of the LEADS Newsletter I published "Why Farmers are Committing Suicide In Disquieting Numbers!!" <>

The same networks (just some different names) of international financiers, misguided legislators, disinformed politicians and greedy corporations still gather regularly to lay plans to usher in the New World Order while keeping the masses either misinformed and/or disinformed about what is really happening. (FTAA in Quebec City, April 2001)

Note: "Misinformation" is blatant lies, deceit and deception while "disinformation" is truth sandwiched between two lies or vice versa, lies sandwiched between two truths. Disinformation truly baffles and confuses the people and the international financiers are masters at that craft.

It is noteworthy that these same networks who manipulated significant historical events in the 20th Century are still directly and/or indirectly causing chaos provincially, nationally, globally and in the rural farming community of Stone Mills Township in the beautiful Land 'O' Lakes area of Ontario.

On Wednesday, March 14, 2001 farmers from all across Canada rallied to display their anger and sorrow about the plight of families down on the farm(s) who are experiencing serious economic problems with foreboding consequences for our children and grandchildren. I mingled with the farmers at their rally in Lansdowne Park in Ottawa.

On Saturday, March 17 and Sunday, March 18, 2001 at the Total Health 2001 Convention at the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto, Ontario I listened to speakers talk to the "one percenters" about the agenda of those who promote the New World Order. (One percenters, because only one percent of the population is aware of the knowledge of which they spoke.)

On Monday, March 19, 2001 at the Stone Mills Council Chamber in Centreville, Ontario I observed "concerned citizens" and "concerned councillors" being polite to each other, while being troubled about a conflict to which they see no solution without pain to one side or the other. 

On Wednesday, March 21, 2001 I will be at Concordia University in Montreal to "re-educate" the youth who are not likely to learn such information in our institutions of formal leanring. I will be telling them about what is happening in Stone Mills Township and how it is related to "genocidal globalization" which will be discussed in Quebec City in April 2001.

Just as few of the students at Concordia will have any idea that they are being disinformed, so do few of the people in the rural, farming community of Stone Mills Township have any idea that they are simply pawns in the "intensifying" game of global politics and usury finance where the stakes are increasing and the bets are becoming more risky. None of these people know of Section C-6 of the Millennium Declaration of May 2000 wherein every farmer (in fact every person on planet earth) is promised a "usury-free" loan (if and when) the world's leaders ratify Section C-6. (Details ca be read at this URL:

So that the farmers' rallies of "Action Day" - March 14, 2001 do not become a one day event, and so that the issue of "intensive farming" does not divide the community of Stone Mills Township I am inviting the Concerned Citizens for our Community Environment (CCCE), the supporters of "intensive farming" and the Council of Stone Mills to do some thorough research as we head towards the FTAA Summit in Quebec City from April 20th to April 22nd, 2001. I daresay that your research will help you understand more clearly "divide and conquer" tactics and why so many farmers are heading - by design - towards financial ruin early in this 21st Century.

I am trusting that I am motivating you to do some thorough research on the problem of "usury" finance which has been identified as the root cause of "scarcity and lack" and the solution of "usury-free" finance which has the potential and power to create "abundance and prosperity" for everyone. Those for the "pig farm" are desperate for an opportunity to immediately earn money to pay "usury and taxes." (Evidence from articles posted at this URL <> indicate that the Income Tax Act is illegal and unlawful) Local farmers are likely to be unaware of "genocidal globalization" and/or how the design flaw of "usury" is directly linked to their fears of lacking money to pay the "usury and taxes." Those against the "pig farm" are likely to be aware of "genocidal globalization" though not necessarily aware of the design flaw of "usury" and  its interconnectedness to what is going on locally, nationally and globally.

On page A7, The Globe and Mail, Wednesday, March 14, 2001, Mark MacKinnon wrote an article entitled: "Many summit activists uneasy over groups plan for violence." In the article, he wrote about the FTAA Summit scheduled for the third week in April 2001 in Quebec City where leaders of 34 countries in North America and South America will gather for discussion about a hemispheric raiding bloc, which some activists view as the beginning of "genocidal globalization."

I find it curious indeed, that what I identified as "The Genocide of The Farmer" in 1987 has now mushroomed to become known as "Genocidal Globalization" in 2001.

I have always admired Sheffield Township and the ability of the people living there to take a leadership role. Since the "pig farm" crisis is centred in the old "Sheffield Township" portion of the new "Stone Mills Township" I challenge 210 people to become fully aware (that's 3% of the people) so that they can take a leadership role in "re-educate" the other 6790 residents who are yet unaware of "Genocidal Globalization" - for it is intricately linked to the crisis of the "pig farm" in Stone Mills Township.

Frankly, I believe that it is time to mobilize rural Ontario to address the problem of "usury" finance as it relates to orthodox economics and the solution of "usury-free" finance as it relates to alternative economics to determine which has the optimal capacity to foster "abundance and prosperity" for everyone.

I am recommending The Cyberclass Network as a starting point for any research. In general, the Economics Cyberclasroom at this URL: <> has much general information and the LETS Cyberclassroom at this URL: <> has much specific information about the LETS software and its development since it was created in 1983.

I am donating some books, videos and resources to the Concerned Citizens for our Community Environment (CCCE) to start a local library for the "re-education" process to begin.

Note: I type "re-education" because we have to "unlearn" some misinformation and disinformation before we learn the "truth."

I am suggesting that CCCE find a central space somewhere in Erinsville or Tamworth where people can gather to exchange information and learn from each other. Myself and other competent people who have been studying "world power and politics" will be available for workshops and/or seminars with those who are motivated to take a leadership role in the "re-education" mission. Likewise, at the request of CCCE I can invite some of the best speakers in Canada to come to Erinsville and/or Tamworth to facilitate the "re-education" process at future dates.

As part of the "re-education" process I suggest that mobilization be organized concurrently so that every resident in Stone Mills is offered this information and other related incormation. Those who are ready and willing to learn the "truth" will lead the way. Mathematicians tell us that when 3% of a selected group are fully aware and motivated to action a shift occurs and the "hundredth monkey" theory takes care of the rest. Assuming there are approximately 7000 residents in Stone Mills Township it will take about 210 people to reach the required 3% to engage the effect of the "hundredth monkey" theory.

LET's turn this "pig farm" crisis into a new opportunity. "Re-educated" people will move beyond fear and make informed choices whereas ignorant people are bound and paralysed by fear.

Enjoy this day !
Working with you for "peace and plenty" by 2020

Tom-Joseph: Kennedy otherwise known as "Tommy-No: Usury"

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There is much more information to be shared. Persons motivated to understand what is
really happening are invited to continue the "re-education" process at The Cyberclass Network.

PS: More information is posted at this URL:

"Stone Mills Township is at that awkward stage. It's suicidal, financially and otherwise to remain ignorant of the bigger picture, but too early to clearly identify the criminals who misinform and disinform the common people to keep them in the failing "usury" system while they craftily cultivate "genocidal globalization."

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