Why Farmers are Committing Suicide In Disquieting Numbers!!

Politicians are but the minions and marionettes of "high finance." In simple terms politicians are only agents of the bankers. The national and international bankers control the mulit-national corporations as well as the politicians, through their power to control. In the U.S.A. these money-lenders have private ownership and control of the Federal Reserve System. It is this network of "high finance" that dictatorially controls the wealth, the citizens and the destiny of nations worldwide.

It is this International network of private bankers who determine which politicians will win and which will fail by only extending abundant campaign funds and press support to those politicians who accidently or by design do the bankers' bidding. In western countries of the so-called free world, the respective Federal Governments are supposedly the sovereign power of the nations, but they are, in reality, just debtors of the international bankers network. This situation completely usurps the powers granted to governments re: the creation of money. We do not owe the "National Debt" to ourselves, as we are mistakenly taught; we owe it to the moneylenders who create the principal (but never the usury) by the stroke of a pen hiding behind the usurious monetary laws put in place by their pupeteer politicians.

Every year taxpayers must labour night and day just to pay the INTEREST on this "National Debt." Whatever controls are assumed by the "know-it-all-Federal-Politicians" over the lives of the people, these are assumed at the urgent prompting of the bankers. This is a little known but fundamental political reality.

Multi-national companies are controlled by the big banks through interlocking share holdings and directorates. Both are inseparably tied to the monetary flows of the national and international banks. As described in The Truth In Money Book by Theodore Throren Throren and Richard Warner it is the commercial banks which create money and thereby create "primary debt." Consequently, the preponderance of power lies with the banking industry which has a legal monopoly to create money out of thin air-nothing but book entries in ledger accounts - and loan it into circulation demanding annual interest payments in addition to real assets and income as collateral for these loans. At a whim, bankers can expand their loans and the "business cycle" goes on the upswing causing prosperity to reign. In a similar fashion bankers can contract their loans and the "business cycle" goes on a downswing.

Systematically and ruthlessly, the bankers then proceed to foreclose on the assets of their defaulting debtors - the producers of the real goods and services; the farmers, the small businesses and the homeowners. These assets are then transferred to the bankers' controlled corporations, leaving in their wake a trail of dispossessed and destitute labour that has absolutely no recourse whatsoever against this parasitic monetary system that currently envelops and enslaves our beloved Canada and indeed the entire world. Multi-national companies donate funds to politicians who sponsor appropriate legislation and act in a manner that is authorized by the bankers - or they won't get re-elected.

There are examples of horrendous injustices caused by our defective monetary system. During the great Depression, the selfish bankers left millions upon millions of families destitute and dispossessed. In the coming collapse of the dollar and the breakdown of the international financial structure as we know it, the network of international bankers will leave in their wake not merely "the exquisite agony" of poverty and deprivation, but also the reality of mass starvation and revolution, together with the devastation of nuclear annihilation.

The Federal Government bestows a preferred status on the private money monopolists. Recall the words of Meyer Ameschel Rothschild, founder of the international banking House of Rothschild, "Permit me to issue and control the money of the nation, and I care not who makes it laws." Recall also the words of Sir Josiah Stamp, former President of the Bank of England, "Banking was conceived in iniquity and born in sin...if you want to continue to be slaves of the bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, then let the bankers continue to create money and control credit." At this very moment the good citizens of our beloved country are being progressively taxed to death just to service our debts to the private bankers.

The stranglehold of international finance and its subservient judiciary has already reached all-persuasive dimensions. Politicians and economists never mention this dictatorial control exercised by the private money monopolists and the body of parasitic monetary law that enables them to sustain their power. History, though, is replete with the conspiratorial machinations of international finance so capably described in such works as "Money Creators" by Gertrude Coogan and "The Secrets of the Federal Reserve" by Eustace Mullins. In the USA the War of Independence was fought to rid the people of excesses of the private monopolists who then owned and controlled the Bank of England. It is a little known fact that Abraham Lincoln was assassinated because he dared to follow the Constitutional Mandate and permitted Congress to issue INTEREST-FREE "greenbacks" in defiance of the dictates of international finance.

The Federal Reserve Act (USA) of 1913 was passed through the intrigues of the international bankers in order to finance World War I and commence the enslavement of the citizens of the western world. The Great Depression of the 1930's was systematically planned to consolidate the plunder and power of the international bankers. And now in the 1980's, the compounding burden of national and international indebtedness has brought the world to the brink of global financial collapse that will leave millions of people destitute and dispossessed.

The interest manipulations of the Federal Reserve System, coupled with its policy of MAXIMIZING imports, are destroying the family farmer. Manufacturing business and their employees are also victims of the international debt crisis. Millions of jobs have been lost in Canad and the USA because the debt crisis forces debtor nations to reduce their consumption of North American products and increase their exports in Canada and the USA decline, debtor nations, Argentina and Brazil in particular, continue to expand production. The countries, desperate to pay INTEREST, are taking their own citizen's food to sell to obtain money. Statistics show an increasing incidence of malnutrition in both Argentina and Brazil as they increase their exports more rapidly than their production.

The North America Farmer is being pulverized between the anvil of debt and the hammer of demand. He is being systematically dispossessed of his land by the legalized piracy of the bankers as the perpetrate their foreclosures on a scale unparalleled since the Great Depression. The farmer is being systematically robbed of his savings and driven into the cities of "high finance" to exchange his skills and labour for some meagre wage to produce produces for the sole benefit of the moneylenders. The plight of the automobile and steel industries is the same. Both are being systematically destroyed through the onslaught of foreign imports mandated by the international bankers through their subsidiary organizations such The World Federalists, Parliamentarians for World Order, The Trilateral Commission, The Council on Foreign Relations, The Bilderbergers, the Club of Rome, cabals of international bankers, industrialists, academicians and marionette politicians. These organizations are coordinating the destructive of sovereign nations through the compounding levels of taxation required to service the maximization of parasitic international trade. They are also orchestrating the creation of a One-World Government under the dictatorial control of international finance.

The increase of foreign imports is effectively destroying the domestic manufacturing markets in North American. The politicians in cahoots with the powers of international finance and their mulit-national cronies are advocating more imports and in so doing are leaving in their wake displaced, impoverished and destitute farmers and factory workers who cry out for justice but who are confronted only by the callous contempt of an alien press and the perfidious prevarications of venal politicians and self-serving "economists." How long will it be before the impoverished people will express a desire follow course of self-study to learn to understand the totality of financial power before they will ever be able to present cogent and persuasive arguments against the current Babylonian banking system. Politicians show little sympathy for the financially financing the projects of farmers and small business people so that they (the bankers) can dispossess the debtors of their land, belongings and earnings.

The real power and objectives of the international network of financiers is never truthfully addressed in the mainstream media. Alternative newsletters are increasing in numbers because they offer information dismissed as NOT NEWSWORTHY by the establishment press which is dictatorially controlled by the money monopolists. The establishment press is permitted to discuss any subject except "the power and conspiratorial objectives" of the international financiers. Traditionally, whenever an forbidden topic is even peripherally addressed, the establishment press orchestrates armies of faithful, expert pundits, politicians and learned economists to regurgitate the conventional propaganda of international finance, euphemistically called "economics", thereby concealing the truth from the people and legitimizing the perpetuation of the unbridled rapacity of the bankers.

While most people are not aware of the power of the international financiers, the ranks of the enlightened are growing daily - facilitated by internet learning and a general raising of consciousness. The banking industry must be understood for what it really is and not for what it is perceived to be. Then the objectives of the bankers must be thwarted and their injustices redressed. This requires the presentation of knowledge by those who have already learned about the realities of international finance. The banking industry, the multi-nationals and the politicians are but individual facets of the collective power structure of national and international finance. Since all facets of this power must be confronted, intellectual abdication is a luxury that cannot be afforded at this critical time.There must be a Revolution of Understanding. A new Intelligentsia is being invited to bear the light of truthful concepts about money. The conceptual incarceration foisted upon the world by the manacles of establishment propaganda must be destroyed. The people of North American must be freed from the tentacles of international finance and the pernicious influence of the multinational companies who are charged to do the bankers's bidding. Insidious, subversive legislation will no longer be tolerated by informed citizens who are armed with the "truth" about money.

Our Founding Fathers fought and died to bequeath us the sacred right to free speech. People must exercise this right and speak out eloquently against the powers of international finance. An infusion of light must be projected into a domain normally enveloped in darkness. It must be done now!!

Readers are invited to visit Cyberclass to commence any self-imposed courses of study. With few words, these two ancient proverbs speak volumes in honour of those who are learning and teaching others.

"A hundred candles can light a city.
 A thousand candles can light a nation.
 A million candles can light the world.
 A single candle can light the way."

"If you think one year ahead - sow a seed.
 If you think ten years ahead - plant a seed.
 If you think a hundred years ahead - educate the people."  

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