Time 4 Time
By Tommy-Usury: Free

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'Synthesis' is defined by the Webster Dictionary as: 'the putting of two or more things together to form a whole.' 'UsuryFree' Creatives from The UsuryFree Network are getting involved to solve local, national and global problems by synthesizing the optimal concepts from the capitalist model and the communist/socialist model and shifting their focus to become free and sovereign persons who follow a new 'usuryfree' buyer/seller advancement creed. Ghislaine Saint-Pierre Lanctot has an abundance of information in her new book, released during the first week of March 2002, 'What The Hell Am I Doing Here Anyway' about 'The Sovereign Buyer,' 'Sovereign Trading,' 'The Sovereign Industrialist,' and 'The Sovereign Worker.'

Free enterprise is being decentralized through the vehicle of the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry and the time for competition driven by fear is over. No longer do we need to concern ourselves with secrets, patents and copyrights. Universal truth wants to be free and widely exposed. Let's network it far and wide. As Ghislaine Saint-Pierre Lanctot also writes in her new book 'What The Hell Am I Doing Here Anyway:' "The time for working together nourished by love is has arrived."

Community is being reborn locally, nationally and globally. The vehicle of  the BSBT (Buy, Sell, Barter or Trade) industry
is fostering the growth of community as people choose to spend their 'time tokens' differently. Both the SDI industry and the BSBT industry are positioned to explode the concept of community. The reality of decentralized banking is now possible since individuals are creating and spending their own 'usuryfree' time tokens. Since we have proof that 'usuryfree' time currency works as an accepted medium of exchange why are we waiting for 25% unemployment? That's what has motivated well over one million people in Argentina to shift to using a 'usuryfree' community currency. For more information go to the Google search engine and insert the words: 'Argentina + barter.'

There are fast-growing networks of SDI entrepreneurs who double as barterers and traders. These innovative SDI entrepreneurs are clearly attracted to the concept of buying and/or selling with 'usuryfree' time currency. In the article 'Analysis, Projections, Observations & Proposals For The SDI Industry', Tommy-Usury: Free writes: "According to Network Marketing Lifestyles Magazine, July 2001, there are1500 SDI companies and over 7 million active SDI entrepreneurs in the United States of America with thousands more deciding to participate on a daily basis." Globally, the number of people connected through SDI networks is likely to be in the tens of millions.

The UsuryFree Creatives are promoting a new pro-prosperity movement. It will soon become a part of the mainstream and all who choose to participate will experience optimal health, abundant wealth and sovereign freedom. Creating prosperity, peace and abundance for all is now in the realm of possibility given the ease of modern technology. The UsuryFree Creatives will succeed globally when they network with the SDI entrepreneurs and local networks of traders/barterers.

The 'usuryfree' software is sometimes referred to as 'the new blood of the planet' since it facilitates the free flow of energy (money) among all of the people who live on planet earth. In short mother earth requires new blood through a transfusion and we the UsuryFree Creatives are destined to engineer and carry out 'Operation Transfuse.' The UsuryFree Creatives are embarking on a global mission with 'Operation Transfuse' and readers everywhere are invited to offer your talents, skills, resources etc. to accelerate the mission and thereby save the maximum amount of souls to enjoy Paradise-on-Earth in the fast-approaching Golden Age.

Given the ease of modern technology, information about 'Operation Transfuse' can be networked to multiple millions by a few SDI leaders clicking the mouse to send emails inviting their networks to become 're-educated' about the 'usuryfree' time currency. Go to The UsuryFree Network and list your contact details along with your 'offers' and 'wants' and be ready for trading with 'time.'

Likewise, there are millions of people bartering/trading their talents, skills, products and/or services in local communities. Readers are invited to check out the 2600+ UNILETS database that John C. 'The Engineer' Turmel has compiled at his website. It's high time that we-the-people shifted economics from 'their Bay street' to 'our Pay street.'

The socialists who attack the symptoms while ignoring the cause argue that capitalism is the underlying reason for most of the problems in the world. The capitalists likewise attack the symptoms, ignore the cause and argue that socialism/communism is the underlying reason why there is so much poverty, scarcity and lack in this world. Socialists have been working to eliminate capitalism and capitalists have been working to eliminate socialism, neither acknowledging that the design flaw of 'usury' is and has been the root of all problems relating to poverty, scarcity and war. Neither group has connected the dots to determine that historically and currently the Usury Elites' Group of Companies have been funding both sides equally. By funding both sides of wars throughout history, the Usury Elites' Group of Companies have been enslaving the whole world and 99% of the masses have had no idea of their crafty plan.

In short, the optimal solution is to create prosperity and abundance for all by re-programming their centralized banking computers. This means taking out their 'usury' software and installing our 'usuryfree' software. However, this is not likely to happen with our current political leadership at the various levels of government, therefore we must stop supporting their (the Usury Elites) structures. This means spending our money differently.

There is a new breed of 'usuryfree' creatives surfacing. These 'usuryfree' creatives are no longer focused on fixing symptoms. They know of the problems and they know the solutions. They are actively involved in advancing a solution-oriented mission to usher in a new age of prosperity, abundance, peace and plenty for all by changing the banking software. They know that the awareness of the general grassroots population must be raised so that multiple millions of ever vigilant individuals will be 're-educated' and ready to mobilize to create local, national and global political movements.

A simple analogy explains the urgency of working to create a 'usuryfree' lifestyle for everyone on planet earth. Imagine there is machine at the top of the mountain which is running a conveyor belt that is piling gravel into a valley where there is a town. One can use a hand shovels and/or machines to move the gravel or one can climb the mountain and turn off the switch. It may take a while to climb the mountain and some people's lives may be in danger during the process but unless the conveyor belt is turned off the gravel will continue to pour out endangering the lives of the people in the valley and any removal of the gravel with shovels or machines is rather pointless.

Now imagine there is bank computer at the top of the mountain which has a 'usury' software installed to run the economic system of the world. This software runs a conveyor belt that is pushing out into an abyss all of the bodies of the people on this planet who are dying (directly or indirectly) because of the design flaw of 'usury.' One can stumble along at the bottom of the mountain and attempting to fix the symptoms while the people continue to live in 'hell on earth' or one can climb the mountain and change the software and create 'heaven on earth.'

It may take a while to climb the mountain and change the software and certainly not all lives can be saved but unless the software is changed people will continue dying forever. Furthermore, poverty, scarcity and lack will continue to breed war and discontent as it has for centuries. Tampering with symptoms is rather pointless now that we know that the design flaw of 'usury' is the root cause of all our problems.

UsuryFree Creatives are working to climb the mountain and change the software. No one can now question the mission of the UsuryFree Creatives. The urgency of accomplishing the mission is clear when we consider that if the software was changed today, the conveyor belt would still push off thousands of dead bodies into the 'usury' abyss.

The genocides of history have all been caused by the design flaw of 'usury' and genocides are continuing because of 'usury.' Only when we change the banking software will the genocides cease. Neither the socialists/communists nor the capitalists have gained any ground for hundreds of years. Similar problems continue to arise and often one step forward is followed by several steps back. This has been the reality of misinformation and disinformation. Only by advancing universal truth can we change what is happening. Since the current political power structures of the world are guarded by the Usury Elite's Group of Companies we must alter our strategy to stop giving them our money.

The UsuryFree Creatives are making their choices. They are choosing to use their time to network knowledge that will eliminate the perceived problems of socialism/communism and capitalism. They have a gnosis whereby they invite newbies to pick any problem and they will explain that it will be solved with ease when we are all living in a 'usuryfree' society.

Most people consider the ongoing problems of war and poverty to be paramount in this world of economic scarcity and lack. These and related problems will disappear when the world is experiencing 'usuryfree' time banking. The former vacuum of destruction and suffering left by the 'usuryfree' solution will be filled in the future with universal abundance and contentment.

Maurice Strong, former Secretary General of the Rio Earth Summit, and now head of the Earth Council, says "far too few countries, companies, institutions, communities and citizens have made the choices and changes needed to advance the goals of sustainable development." Strong also explains that 100 countries are worse off today than 15 years ago, with 1.3
billion people earning less than $1 a day. Maurice Strong has heard of the 'usuryfree' LETS software because I personally handed him printed literature at a breakfast meeting in Ottawa, Ontario in the fall of 2000 - proof that 'Operation Transfuse' must be manifested by the grassroots.

Many have been hoping for a political solution to stop the wars, end the poverty and cease the environmental destruction. Political solutions will only be possible within the new paradigm. There is much compelling evidence that their 'usuryfree' software has a definite constructive capability and its time for the SDI leaders and/or otherwise to advance their mission to accelerate "Operation Transfuse.'

A group of 'point one percenters' - the UsuryFree Creatives are leading the way to solve the world's problems. They now need individuals everywhere to help create the majority needed to wield political clout. The optimal way to do this is to effectively decentralize the banking industry by establishing our own personal time banks and creating our own 'usuryfree' time tokens which we can use to manage our trades. Leading SDI entrepreneurs everywhere (locally, nationally and globally) are invited to contact tom@cyberclass.net with ideas of how to create the largest database in the world in the fastest time possible.

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