51 St. Regis Street, Toronto, Wednesday, July 26th  at  7:00 PM (Pucinno’s Ristorante - Four blocks South of Finch on Keele, turn East.)

Approximately 80 members of International Humanity House will attend.

The following have been faxed an invitation, or otherwise invited, to attend:

(1)     Toronto Fraud Squad: Detective Sergeant Tom Fitzgerald 
(Confirm at 416-808-7304)

(2)     CCRA, Mississauga Branch: The Director, Mr. John Jackson,
and   Mr. Dave Steeves  the Assistant Director.
Confirm at 905-566-6164  Fax 905-803-7299

(3)     CCRA, Toronto North Branch: The Director,  Mr. Troy,   and
Mr. Colin Cooke, who acts as the Assistant Director in his abscence,
and is the head of the appeals branch.
Confirm at 416-512-4001  Fax 416-512-2558

(4)     CCRA  Media Communications group :       Ms. Gail Crossman,
Confirm at 416-973-2233         Fax 416-954-8118

(5)     RCMP Media Relations unit:       Constable Howard Adams.
Confirm at     905-876-9674     Fax 905-876-9595

(6)     Wal-Mart Canada: Ms. Jo-ann Fleetwood, Sales Tax Manager
Confirm at 905-821-2111   Fax 905-821-6381

(7)     Retail Council Of Canada
Confirm at 416-922-6678 Fax 416-922-8011

(8)     The Toronto Sun:   News Desk 416-947-2222 Fax 416-947-1664

(9)     The Toronto Star:  News Desk 416-869-4300 Fax 416-869-4328

(10)    Globe & Mail:      News Desk 416-585-5151 Fax 416-585-5085

(11)    National Post:     News Desk 416-383-2300 Fax 416-442-2212

(12)    The Markham Economist and Tribune:     
                           News Desk 905-294-2200 Fax 905-294-1538

        The subject matter to be dicussed will involve :

(a)     The absolute, express, lawful and unassailable RIGHT and
concurrent and unavoidable and unconditional DUTY of all Canadians
to live in accordance with “The Rule Of law” and to refuse, whatever
the costs or consequence of such refusal, to support a society that actively
participates in plans and preparations that are predicated on a will to commit
Mass Murder. 

(b)     The matter of the Canadian Government’s fears and concerns with
regards to the non-stop spread and promotion of the Tax Refusal and
the government’s inability to stop it by lawful means.

(c)     The matter of the refusal by the Business Depot at 57 Northview
Boulevard to accept the TAX EXEMPT STATUS card from Mr. Michael Megna,
International Humanity House member number T2020-88-7749 on Tuesday
THE CARD when faced with the possibility of arrest by Daniel J. Lavigne at 1:00PM on
Wednesday July 26th. 2000 with regard to a bill of $459.20;

. . . which acceptance will put “LAID TO REST” the false, empty and
totally deceitful attempts by the Retail Council Of Canada and the
concurrent and similarly guided attempt by  Canada Customs And Revenue
Agency to lick their master’s hand and assist its unlawful attempt TO
BYPASS “The Rule Of Law” and to ignore THE RIGHT AND DUTY OF
to refuse to support a society that participates, contrary to  The Rule Of Law”, in
plans and preparations that are predicated on a sure and certain will and capacity
to commit Mass Murder.

        The meeting will then continue with an assessment of the
political processes that have brought the whole of humanity to “The End Of Oil”
with no meaningful plans or preparations in place by which humanity may
be able to deal with the consequences of severely reduced energy
supplies.  It will also involve a conference call featuring Dave
Lindsay’s remarkable success when defending Tom Kennedy in Ottawa.

        Should any of the above identified personnel object to Canadians
using “The Rule Of Law” to force their paymaster to act in accordance
with such rule, they  need but speak up and  identify that which they
may honestly believe should replace “The Rule Of Law” if a citizen’s
wholehearted adherence to such rule results in a situation wherein
their paymaster can no longer rely on Canada’s now Corrupted Courts
and Judges to assure the constant flow of unlawfully secured tax
dollars into their oversized and bulging coffers.   

Discussion Points

1.      The Statement Of Claims with respect to IHH members Alfonso
Ciulla and Orest Iwaschuk in Fort McMurray, Alberta are being completed.

The police in question face a similar challenge as that posed by
Robert-John: Jackson of Regina, Saskatchewan with his 54.5 MILLION
dollar lawsuit for improper arrest, detention and maligning of his
good name.

2.      The results of the July 10th appeareance before Judge Roberts
have been reviewed by a person who has a rather cold and calculated approach
to such matters. It is his view that proceeding with an appeal will be
succesful as the court failed to formally address the accusation of its
being in a conflict of interest.  It also failed to refer to the
paragraphs wherein the legal cause of action is to be found as per
that contained in my motion and referred to while informing the court
that the Statement Of Claim did, in fact, disclose a legal cause of
action as per that found in my motion and I quote:


a)      The Plaintiff's Statement Of Claim discloses the extensive,
complex and life-long forms of damage that the Plaintiffs have suffered because
of the actions of the Defendant, and the consequences of such damages as
identified and claimed as such in Paragraphs 35, 42, 43, 44, 45, 49, 50,
51, 52, 53(b), 54 and Paragraphs 56 through to 61 and elsewheres in the
Plaintiffs Statement Of Claim; and 

        (Note: The Statement Of Claim Is posted at the web-site.)

b)      that the damages claimed do not lend themselves to an instant
or other assessment by any who have no formal training or acknowledged
understanding of, or insight into, such matters and that such reality
with respect to the matter before this Honourable Court denies this
Honourable Court the necessary certitude without which it can not
lawfully grant the Defendant's plea that the Plaintiffs Statement Of
Claim be Struck as showing no reasonable cause of action; . . . .

3.      The confrontation to-day  at Business Depot suggests that
store-owners are now wary of being put in a position wherein they may
find themselves arrested for attempting to have Canadians break the
law and contribute taxes to the nation while it continues, contrary
to “The Rule Of Law”, to participate in plans and preparations that
are predicated on a sure and certain will and capacity to commit
Mass Murder.

4.      As per past practice, I have invited the indicated personel to
attend the meeting. Should they show,  I expect that all will offer all respect
while inviting them to describe “WHY” they believe that no one should
have a right and duty to act in accordance with “The Rule Of Law”.

5.      Work on plans to pose a “Constitutional Question” to the Supreme
Court Of Canada AND the Government of Canada, and to have those seperate
bodies answer the question independent of each other, has reached a
stage whereat Canada’s news media will be asked to predict the answers.

        The results of such predictions, when balanced against that
which will then be forthcoming from those institutions, should prove to be
very interesting . . to everyone . .

To A Safer,  Saner  World.   To Duty.

. Daniel . .

Daniel J. Lavigne
Founder, Co-ordinator
International Humanity House
ACT on the Principles so forcefully enunciated at the Trials
and Judgments at Nuremberg!!   REJECT SOCIETAL INSANITY!! 
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Dan Lavigne's Summary of the Toronto meeting on Wednessday, July 26th, 2000

It went as the majority of all such meetings go:

Everyone present reaffirmed their determination to continue using their
Tax Exempt Status cards and to never again file a tax return of pay so
much as one red cent in taxes while Canada continues to participate in
plans and preparations that are predicated on a sure and certain will
and capacity to commit Mass Murder.

The first reading of Bill C399 was reviewed and I explained the folly
of the government now being willing to do that which IT WOULD NOT DO
when "Conscience Canada" (In 1987; the Dr. Jerrilyn Prior vs Her Majesty
case. That was the one that led to my successful use of Rule 419(1)(a)
and the charge of "Contempt Of Court" that I laid against the Federal Court
Of Canada - Trial Division.) demanded that the government recognize the
depth of feeling with regard to such matters and to respect the right of
Canadians to refuse to support that which they considered to be absolute insanity.

The bill is without purpose in the present environment.

Some have suggested that it is a belated re-action to a long dated
offer on my part to the government that I would stop promoting the
Tax Refusal upon the government waking to the reality that humanity
should not expect to continue on the road to an insane end without
finally arriving at a point whereat we shall suffer for our wilful
and guilty ignorance of that for we have wilfully paid for and done so
so many times over and over again; the ongoing development of plans
and preparations that mock the very meaning of humanity's existence.

Indeed, there is not "ONE" conscientious objector to war and
preparations for war who will participate in that fraud upon the people of
Canada; and certainly not "one" person who has mailed their "Statement To
The Government Of Canada, In Parliament Assembled", the contents of which
statement are written under an International Humanity House letterhead as follows:

Date: _____________

The Government Of Canada, In Parliament Assembled
The House Of Commons,
Ottawa, K1A 0A6

Sirs and Madames,

You are aware of the principles espoused at the Trials and Judgments
at Nuremberg: “All” have an unassailable right, and an unconditional
duty, to refuse to support any society that is participating in plans and
preparations that are predicated on a will and capacity to commit mass murder.

Those principles were confirmed by the actions of the Federal Court Of
Canada  - Trial Division with Decision T2020-88 of December 12, 1988
when that court dared not address the issues before it due to its desire to
protect its paymaster’s interests, your interests, including your unlawful
demand that all support the nation despite its surrender to the will of evil, and
its participation in such plans and preparations.

That right and duty was further confirmed by Parliament’s instructions
to the Supreme Court Of Canada in December 1999 that it never again
accept a defense of  “I was only following orders!” from those accused of
having aided or assisted criminal acts.

You are aware that the Federal Court Of Canada - Trial Division was
charged with “Contempt Of Court” by Mr. Daniel J. Lavigne on December
12, 1988.  That court, unwilling to face that charge, has never dared to
command him to remain silent, or to proceed with his accusations with
respect to the court’s criminal conduct that date when it sought to
protect your access to taxes for improper purposes.

I reject your surrender to the will of evil; and I put you on notice:

Until that surrender ends, as must your infection by “The Madness
Of Greed” and the support offered you by Canada’s corrupted courts,  I
shall never again obey your common and evil will.

I take a solemn oath this day to heed the principles espoused at the
Trials and Judgments at Nuremberg; and to never again file tax returns
or pay taxes until the day after the Tax Refusal, as started by Mr. Lavigne
in 1980, has forced the fools whose greed led the majority of humanity
to reject the meaning of existence,  to use, or dismantle, all nuclear and
other Weapons Of Mass Murder.

You may question my stance; you should not doubt my determination.



cc.  Mr. Martin Cauchon, Minister, National Revenue, 
     The House Of Commons, Ottawa, K1A 0A6

No such person will ever again file a return, or pay a penny in taxes,
until "The Day After" humanity chooses between total and all-out
USE, OR DISMANTLING, of all nuclear and other Weapons Of Mass Murder.

A further condition (And our friendly government employees may as well
inform their masters to-morrow morning.) to any possible agreement
whereby the Tax Refusal would be slowed in keeping with the government's
inability to hire those who are able to instantaneously grasp the
nuances of the actions that have taken place and caused such a consternation as
now exists in the halls of Parliament; is a need by Parliament to reject
any further use of the term "Weapons Of Mass Destruction" and to openly
call them what they are: "WEAPONS OF MASS MURDER"; and that the whole of
the United Nations adopt that terminology. Failing which the Tax Refusal
will continue to spread as I have determined that it will spread  . . .
and achieve its goal.

Indeed, by its ongoing reluctance to openly confront that which drives
the Tax Refusal to continue growing to a point whereat there will SOON
be as many people refusing to file returns or pay income taxes as there
are government employees / supporters who will be left to struggle to
fund whatever it is they are called upon to fund, the Government, WILL BE
FORCED to question the sanity of ignoring a growing determination that the arms
to do what they believe they must do in order to protect their "economies" as the world
enters an era wherein the exceses of the past will be looked upon as a crime against
the future of humanity, if any future can be seen as being possible
while we remain prepared to mass murder each other by the BILLIONS.

BTW . . not one of those invited showed up.

Some of the members suggested it was because they are starting to understand
the extent of the indomitable will that drives the Tax Refusal to bring about its
stated purpose.

Others suggested that they failed to show because of their lack of spine and
intellectual integrity.

Perhaps such is the case.

If so, I maintain that it would be better all around if some of those
who were invited gathered gumption sufficient to address a meeting of
"Detaxers" and members of IHH; and explain "why" they believe that there
is no hope for the world and therefor everyone may as well continue to
believe that they are sheep and pay taxes in support of those who forgot
about their existence a few seconds after the ink on their votes was dry.

Another "interesting point" was the concerns when some of us heard
music coming from the nearby sarcophogus of Beethoven, the famous
"Composer of Universal Music". After due study of the order in
which the music stirred from his grave, we had a good laugh as
we realized he was merely "DeComposing".  ;-)

To a safer, saner world. To Duty.

. Daniel . .

ACT on the Principles so forcefully enunciated at the Trials
and Judgments at Nuremberg!!!    Reject SOCIETAL INSANITY!!! 
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