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- TO Trio pot charges nixed afer 4,000 pot charges stayed by Turmel
Latest Turmel postings...

The Big Lie of Economics (Eng) (Fr)
How it should be done: 1985 Argentina
Mathematics of LETS banking

WHO? John "The Engineer" Turmel
WHAT? UNILETS anti-poverty time-based currency

WHERE? UN Millennium Declaration C6 (2nd)
WHEN? As soon as the world is ready for peace
WHY? Interest-usury kills jobs, then people so LETS Abolish Interest Rates (AUDIO)
HOW? Turmel's
Abolitionist Party Programs

Thousand of LETS currency sites
in 55 nations
Set up your UNILETS Timecurrency Account
Two U.N. Millennium Declarations forged to censor out "interest-free UNILETS" time-based currency
Judas Judges of Canada's Great Depression

Grand-daddy of globalization protestors
1982 Toronto World Bank-IMF arrest (text)...

Bank Fighter Extraordinaire"
1997 Guinness Book Of World Records
1985 Great Canadian Character Anthology

Richest Pauper's Prayer to the Richest Man(POEM)  (AUDIO)
LETS Petition of Right to the Queen
Ballad of the Banking Systems Engineer
Religious Monetary Reform
Plates Poem audio

John "The Gambler" Turmel...
Turmel2Step Holdem Poker Pot-Odds System

- Brantford Charity Poker Rules

Supreme Court Canada Cases:
Three "Usury = Genocide of the Paupers" cases"
Case of the "Missing Minute" in election broadcast"
"Robin Hood" raid on Blackjack "Casino Turmel"

Biographical Notes 
1980 First Money Analysis: Watchitsuh Hussle
1984 LETS Engineer Michael Linton's Letter
1993 Abolitionist Party of Canada Press
1995 July Internet "Kook of the Month"
1997 Usenet newsgroup
Tea in the Park" Stephanie Rearick's song about JCT

Latest Turmel Press:
1996 Hamilton: Super loser fails again
1996: Hamilton: Creating work by working together
1997 Ottawa: The Perennial Candidate
1997 Arizona Republic: World's richest pauper
1997 TVOntario: Turmel Profile
1997 Biloxi Sun Herald: Steady loser seems a safe bet
1998 Norway: Dagens Naringsliv Ajour
1999 Bonn: General Anzeiger: Die spannenden Abenteuer des Ingenieurs (German) The Adventures of The Engineer (English) (French)
1999 Muenstersche Zeitung: Tauschringe als Alternative (German) Exchange rings as an alternative (English) (French)
1999 Warendorf (German)
1999 Lund: Sydsvenskan: Lund kan fa system med lokal valuta (Swedish) Lund can get a local currency (English) (French)
1999 Finn Kumppani (Finnish)

2003 Brantford Expositor Candidate Profile

Turmel, Chain of debt, Cologne 1999

Medpot Marijuana Court Cases (VIDEOS)
Globe & Mail May 15 2003: Turmel Reports: I dare gamble life imprisonment   &   In the belly of the beast

I wonder if they'll let me do Community Service again?

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After I'd explained my hopes about the LETS interest-free banking software being the key to smashing our debt chains to a young artist named Seth at a World Bank-IMF protest in New Jersey in 2000, he took 20 minutes at my notebook computer to draw this interesting point of view. I think I would more liken it to fixing the money system computer software as good as LETS and afterwards withdrawing my wrench or diskette. He let me add LETS to the blade.  seth.gif (5387 bytes)
LETS Press:
1984: Ottawa: Bartering means people can cash in on talents
1985: Charlotte: Argentine provinces turn out their own money
1986: CBC Venture
1989: Ottawa: No money down 
1990: Australia: The bartered bride LETS LIFEBOATS
1991: Ottawa: Barter group's Greendollar gaining ground
1993: Wall Street Journal: "As Pound Sinks, Britons Turn To Alternative 'Currencies'"
1993: Toronto: They plan to create jobs using bartered time
1994: Toronto: North York Hydro Power Gift Certificates
1996: Toronto: Buying and selling with Greenbucks
1996: UK: Stockport ANTI-POVERTY LETS
1997: Chatelaine "Swap till you drop"
1997: UK: Creating more than a token revolution 

1997: UK: "LETS Another Economy" video
1997: UK: Pioneer group in Calderdale
1997: UK: Death to Money
1997: US: YES! A Journal of Positive Futures: Money - Print your own
1999: Thailand: Bangkok Post: Local Currencies
1999 US: Christian Science Monitor "Getting back to barter"
2001 US: New York Times: "Argentines revert to Barter
2002 MBA Jungle "Mint Your Own Money: Bucking the System"

LETS Political Endorsements:
1984 Canadian M.P. Candidate John Turmel
1985 U.S. Internal Revenue Service exempts Time Dollars
1992 Ontario M.P.P. Green Candidate Ella Haley
1995 Australian M.P. Maggie Deahm
1996 European Community funds LETS
1996 Islamic Party of Great Britain
1998 UK Bradford Councillors Tony Cairns & Ralph Berry
1998 UK Government
1999 UK Government
1999 South Africa Abolish Usury Party

Sovereignty Resolution USA"
Greens of Australia
Greens of California
Greens of Canada fix
Greens of Ontario Canada
Greens of Ireland
Greens of Scotland
Greens of South Africa
Greens of United States
Greens of Wales


L.E.T.S. Software Distributors:
LETS: Michael Linton, Canada
LETSAssist E:
LOIS: LETS Office Integration Software: Jerry Vahrman, UK
QLETS: Chris Hohner, CanadaQLETS: Chris Hohner, Canada
SEL French Software: Winston Smith, France
APPSEL V3.5 pour PC (Access 2)
GESTSEL pour MAC & PC (Filemaker 3)
Achille pour PC (Access 97)
MacSEL pour MAC (Filemaker Pro 3.0)
PicSEL pour PC (Visual Basic)

TAUSCHRING German Software for Windows and Mac
Tauschringverwaltung fur Windows
TIMEDOLLARS: Edgar Cahn, United States
Polish LETS Design Manual

Turmel Election Reports:
1996 Federal Hamilton East...
1997 Federal Ottawa West-Nepean...
1997 Provincial Ottawa West...
1997 Municipal Ottawa-Carleton Chair... 
1998 Sherbrooke...
1999 Windsor...
1999 Ottawa West-Nepean...
1999 Hull-Aylmer federal byelection...
2000 Ottawa Mayoral election...

Turmel Press Clippings (early)
Gambling 1975-1989:
Political legal 1979-1980
Political legal 1981
Political legal 1982
Political legal 1983
Political legal 1984
Political legal 1985-1986
Political legal 1987-1989


Turmel Book Reports:
David Astle: The Babylonian Woe The very best book on the history of money ever written by someone who had a full understanding of the banking system engineering. Self-published, it is priceless.
Carroll Quigley: Tragedy and Hope Best book on recent history.
Best of George Orwell's 1984
Major Clifford Douglas: Social Credit First engineering analysis of the funding shortage.
Louis Even: Quebec Social Credit Optimized the social credit model to end up with LETS
Bishop Peter Selby: Grace and Mortgage
Mike Rowbotham: Confronting Tyranny
Monetary Reform Quarterly
Goldsmith & Walker: New Local Currency Systems Wonderful stories of Timedollar successes.
Consumercard Essay
"Proteus" by Morris West with a move for the UN.

Turmel Debates:
Christ's Differential Equations
Social Credit
Debt virus debate: With Professor Flaherty
Sci-econ newsgroup debate about interest-free money and its effects
The Third Way: Raise taxes? Cut social services? A third way?
The Essence of Money: How banks create money
Part 2: Professor Flaherty admits defeat then reneges
The Value of Money: Time currencies and energy based money
Print Rubles! Pay workers!: A good suggestion for LETS rubles
LETS Toronto Dollars: Cash based local currency
Part 2: Early Green Party of Canada resistance to LETS

Pauline Morrissette's L.E.T.S Trip Reports...

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