Hull-Aylmer Candidate Report 
     This has been an amazing election. Other than one mention on TV 
the night I registered, there was not one word of coverage, not one 
word of media. My lowest score for a federal election with little 
coverage was 1982, Broadview-Greenwood federal, 16 votes. With this 
election now over, I got 51. Can't complain though it can now be said 
that L.E.T.S. has been once again rejected by the electorate. 
     One interesting note: a fax from Elections Canada Hull-Aylmer 
with the:
"liste de numeros des telephones et de telecopieurs des candidats
Parti, Candidat, Telephone, Telecopieur
Block Quebecois, Robert Belanger, 595-0095, 595-3136
Nouveau Parti Democratique, Alain Cossette, 771-5559, 771-6608
Parti Reformiste, Da Silva, 860-7285, 685-5552
Parti de la loi naturelle, Jean-Claude Pommet, 777-7141
Parti Liberal, Marcelle Proulx, 777-1118, 777-7004
Parti progressiste conservateur, Richard St-Cyr, 770-0200, 770-0333
Ind't, John C. Turmel,, 778-5042, 728-2196
Parti vert, Gail Walker, 684-1826, 684-1825
     I'm the only candidate with an Internet presence. 
     So, record #2, for most election losses, has now been broken.  
Guinness keeps both records in case someday I win.
     Oh, the Red won. 

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