Turmel forces Crown to
stay 4000 pot charges laid since Aug. 1 2001

Terry Parker Day

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Turmel bust at House of Commons on Parliament Hill with 3Kg Marijuana not all suppressed: Globe & Mail May 15 2003
Turmel Report:
In the belly of the beast


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Supreme Court of Canada appeals once the Hitzig derelict is out of the way.

Old Get out of jail kits English and Francais
S.56 Extension Form English and Francais

Mar 15 2002 Pitt decision on Parker
Dec 19 2002 Cadieux decision on CDSA in Montreal Compassion Club French & English
Jan 3 2003 Windsor Phillips decision on CDSA
Jan 9 Lederman decision on MMAR
Jan10 Moore decision on CDSA

Ontario Medical Association says Marijuana Medical Access Regulations  (MMAR) fail to comply with Ontario Court of Appeal Parker decision as the basis for Paquette and Parker wins.

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Brantford: 519-753-0645

    I'm John C. "The Engineer" Turmel, leader of the Abolitionist Party of Canada. I am the longest-running registered party leader to have advocated the abolition of the prohibition against drugs. I've bought Marijuana Victory bonds worth an ounce of recreational hemp when legal and wrote the Laughing Grass Poem for the 1994 Toronto Marijuana Rally (VIDEO).
     I have been listed in the 1997-8 Guinness Book of World Records and the Anthology of Great Canadian Characters for having contested more elections than anyone in history, 52 before I turn 50. 
     I have been called  "Bank-Fighter Extraordinaire," "Guerrilla Lawyer" and "Interest-Rate Protestor" for my efforts helping foreclosure victims fight off thIeir evictions in court.
     As Canada's top professional gambler, the "Project Robin Hood" Raid on Casino Turmel in Ottawa Canada with 28 tables and 122 full-time employees was the biggest in Canadian history and my 10th case to the Supreme Court of Canada.
     It is time to apply my guerrilla lawfare techniques to fight marijuana prohibition in the Courts. All these moves can be copied by anyone for the same court fees.

On July 31, 2000, the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled in R. v.
Parker that the prohibition of possession and cultivation of
marijuana were unconstitutional and declared the possession
in s.4(1) of the CDSA invalid in 1 year and that they would
have declared the cultivation prohibition in s.7(1) invalid
had that count also been before the court. Parker was given
a personal exemption but 2400 to 4600 Canadian epileptics
who were not exempted with him died later in that year. And
every year since then.

On Dec. 11 2000, Acton J. followed the ruling in Parker that
the prohibition on cultivation for the sick was
unconstitutional and declared the prohibition in s.7(1) of
the CDSA invalid, suspending the decision for 1 year.

On Aug. 1 2001, upon the failure of the Marijuana Medical
Access Regulations to offer the required medical access, the
Parker declaration of invalidity of the CDSA prohibition
took effect.

On March 15 2002, Terry Parker sought an Order declaring
that the invalidity Order did take effect on Aug. 1 2001,
Ontario Superior Court Justice Pitt. J. granted an "Order
extending the constitutional exemption granted to the
applicant by the Ontario Court of Appeal until such time as
the Government has complied with the court's ruling."

On Dec. 4 2002, the Alberta Court of Appeal supported Acton
J. and declared in R. v. Krieger that cultivation under
s.7(1) of the CDSA was of no force and effect for all
Canadians with a valid medical need. They have yet to stay
proceedings against those charged with cultivation since
that date.

On May 14 2003, Turmel dared a life sentence for a jury
trial to prove marijuana had been struck off Schedule II by
going to the House of Commons with 3.3Kg of cannabis and
being charged with possession for the purpose of
trafficking. By June I had moved to quash the indictment. By
July, the appeal of that refusal had been expedited and
heard by the Ontario Court of Appeal with three of my other
appeals including my healthy guy portion of the celebrated
Lederman decision.

On Oct 7 2003, unnoticed beside the hoopla around the Hitzig
Cross-Appellants of the Lederman decision getting supplied
marijuana were the Parker and Turmel-Paquette Appellants of
the Lederman decision who won the declaration that the MMAR
had failed to save the CDSA by July 31 2001 so prohibition
on marijuana became invalid on Aug. 1 2001, Terry Parker

On Dec. 8 2003,, upon expiry of the 60-day leave to appeal
period, our victory forced the Crownto stay the charges
against 4000 Canadians who had been improperly charged since
prohibition had been invalidated. The Crown didn't have the
class to drop the charges even when they were wrong.

On Dec 23 2003, the Supreme Court of Canada denied the
Crown's application for leave to appeal the unheralded
Alberta Court of Appeal decision in R. v. Krieger which, the
Crown's Memorandum states that since Dec. 11 2000:
"[57 as matters now stand s.7(1) has been declared of no
force and effect by the highest court in Alberta."

The last Parliament did not re-legislate a new prohibition
nor can the new Parliament do so until they have crafted a
workable medical exemption to go with it for Canada's
400,000 epileptics. So the s.4(1) prohibition of possession
of marijuana has been declared invalid by the Ontario Court
of Appeal and the s.7(1) prohibition of cultivation has been
declared of no force and effect by the highest court in
Alberta. And it applies in Ontario too.

Not one lawyer in Canada moved that the Parker invalidation
had taken effect on Aug. 1 2001 except non-lawyer me. It
cost 4000 improper arrests. Hope it doesn't cost too many
improper arrests when it's good odds that I'm also right
about the Krieger invalidation having already taken effect
too.  I will be advising and helping anyone in Ontario who

is charged with cultivation under s.7(1) to defend themselves
if they have a medical prescription from a qualified medical

By John C. "The Engineer" Turmel

Aug. 16, 1994 Hemp Rally in Toronto Canada
(To the tune of "Glory Glory Halleluiah")

Throughout all history, hemp's been a plant of great repute,
Four months to grow a mini-tree of twenty foot from shoot,
More oxygen converted from dioxide-carbon smogs,
Four times more wood than forestry can chop trees into logs.
A hardy plant, insecticides and fertilizers, not,
It grows so tall the shade kills weeds for fertile garden plot.
For crops of untold uses which can soon be realized,
Our greatest source of bio-mass must first be legalized.

Hemp protects human environment,
Hemp provents human defilement,
Hemp promotes human achievement,
God's gift for certain life.

John C. Turmel, B. Eng., 19940816

Hemp fuel, hemp paints, hemp varnishes, hemp fibers, cloth and rope,
Hemp fertilizer, oil and plastics, medicines of hope.
It's source of protein primary for man and beast alike,
The best plant used for finger in environmental dike.
With petro-fuels with sulfur being burned into the air,
A fuel of bio-mass would help environmental care.
The industry of dirty petro-chemicals may fear,
It's nature's agri-chemicals we'll substitute, it's clear.

While alcohol debases, vibes of negative grow strong,
God's laughing grass makes calm and jolly, wishing no one wrong.
There's never been recorded death from using hemp, they say,
It's sedative that fits receptors in our DNA.
The chance that we may yet evade environmental doom,
With planet's fastest-growing vegetable, no need for gloom.
The Abolitionists charge that "On lies are based these laws."
Abolishing hemp prohibition is our second cause.

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