John C. "The Engineer" Turmel's Media clips

I have tapes of hundreds of  shows and documentaries on my four political projects but here are the best:

1984 CBC "Peter's People" Lockyear about early Turmel Bank of Canada battles (5 min)

1993 CHUM MuchMusic "Talk me to your Leaders" Randy Bachman interview Abolitionist candidate for Prime Minister of Canada in election #33.  First "Plates Poem" performance. (15 min)

1997 TVO Studio 2 documentary on Ottawa Municipal Election #44 (5 min)

2000 CHRO Judy Trinh interview on United Nations Millennium Declaration and election #52 (5 min)

2001 CBC Darrell McIntyre story on first election of new millennium pushing UNC6 (2 min)

2001 CBC #2 Suhana Meharchant's story on whether my victory was getting my words heard that morning on her  national broadcast or getting my words read forever in section C6 to governments in the U.N. Millennium Declaration. (3 min)

1994 Ode to Laughing Grass Poem

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