Readers might like to read about 'usury-free' time currency so we can build the optimal model This is a posting made to The Cyberclass Network email list on February 19, 2002.
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Tommy-Usury: Free otherwise known as 'Tom-Joseph: Kennedy'

Greetings TCN/Untax/Checkmatrix Readers and/or Otherwise:
If you are understanding the significance of this timely concept of 'usuryfree' time currency, then I encourage you to make this information a part of any future networking with others within your circles of influence. For those who are hosting seminars, you are invited to share this information with those who attend.
BTW I will be in Calgary on Thursday, February 28th and Friday, February 29th, 2002 and I would be willing to make a presentation to any small group of 'Freedom' Advocates who might like more information about 'usury-free' time currencies. If anyone wants to organize a small meeting at someone's residence or at low-cost public location I will be available during the day and evening of both days. Anyone interested in organizing such a gathering should email me or call me asap - before I firm up other plans.
Please forward any questions/suggestions by email or call me at: 1.613.746.9702.
Since most subscribers to TCN's mailing list and most subscribers to Checkmatrix and most participants within the 'Untax/Detax/Refusetax/Anti-tax' Movement know that any problems related to any kind of 'taxes' is directly related to the design flaw of 'usury' I am inviting readers to fully inform themselves about 'usury-free' time currencies as a worthy alternative. The significant detail about 'usury-free' time currencies is that we can start trading immediately. The faster we build our own loyal database, the faster we can change the way we spend our 'money' (tokens) and how we spend our 'usury-free' money (usury-free time-tokens) is more important than how we vote in the 21st Century.
We don't expect the giant corporations to accept our 'usury-free' time currency BUT every small to medium business person - whether it be a community business or a home-based business can start marketing their products and/or services accepting a portion of 'usury-bearing' cash to cover their wholesale costs and a likewise accepting a portion of their profit margin in 'usury-free' time currency.
Those entrepreneurs form within our FREEDOM Movement who understand the absolute necessity of building ourselves economic lifeboats so that we don't all sink when the 'usury-titanic' goes down will be motivated to review all of the links referring to 'usury-free' time currency.

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I know that freedom advocates are in agreement that we must stop using their 'usury-bearing' federal dollars and instead start using our own 'usury-free' time currency, then please network this information far and wide so that we can build our own, loyal network where we can earn and spend our own 'usury-free' time currency. So let's start trading our 'usury-free' time currency now.....

Readers are invited to check out how we are establishing our own 'usuryfree' time currency accounts at Yahoo so that we can commence trading immediately. We call our accounts UNILETS accounts because there is a resolution at the United Nations urging the United Nations to establish 'usuryfree' time currency accounts for everyone living on planet earth. John C. 'The Engineer' Turmel single-handedly got this resolution on the UN Declaration in May 2000.

Details at this URL: 

The hope is that eventually, the UNITED NATIONS will still be able to set up UNILETS 'usuryfree' time currency accounts for every person living on planet earth. By calling our accounts UNILETS accounts we are putting pressure on the UNITED NATIONS to act on the Declaration for re-structuring the global financial architecture.
The message below is an example of how we record our transactions which will then be archived at our respective UNILETS accounts which we cal set up at Yahoo. The message below indicates that I owe Jonathan Kennedy 5 hours of time. (An hour of basic labour is valued at $13.00 - Canadian funds by myself and The Cyberclass Network.) So if I decide that the market will pay me $39.00 (Canadian Funds) for one hour of my time as an SDI consultant, then I simply charge my client 3 hours of 'usuryfree' time currency when I provide the skill, talent or service. Otherwise, I can charge a portion of 'usury-bearing' cash and a portion of 'usury-free' time currency. Also posted at this URL:
If I am marketing a product such as Coral Calcium which retails for $39.00 for a bottle of 110 grams. Shipping is an additional $3.25 per bottle. (This bottle lasts for just over three months.) More details at: 

I buy Coral Calcium at the wholesale price of $26.00 (Canadian funds) for a bottle. Now, I am marketing that product to my clients for $26.00 (Canadian Funds) to cover my wholesale costs and I now accept 1 hour of 'usuryfree' time currency which is valued at $13.00 (Canadian Funds). I accept this one hour or 'usury-free' time currency because I know I can spend with others on the growing 'usury-free' database who will have other products and/or services which I want for my family and/or business.
Should any reader wish to value your hour of time differently, that's OK. You might prefer your hour of time to be valued at $12.00 or $10.00 (Canadian Funds). It doesn't really matter. You simply negotiate your trades with your clients accordingly.
If you have not already done so, you are invited to listen to Jay Fenello interviewing me. The Two Part Interview is posted at this URL:
Finally, there's plenty more about 'usuryfree' community currencies at the Barter/LETS Cyberclassroom at this URL:
Enjoy this day!
Working with you for 'peace and plenty' by 2020
Tommy-Usury: Free otherwise known as 'Tom-Joseph: Kennedy'

Greetings Jonathan:

This trade is posted at my UNILETS account at this URL:

This transaction indicates payment of 5 hours of time from Tom J. Kennedy's "time currency" account to Jonathan Kennedy's "time currency" account in exchange for one night's accommodations in Montreal, Quebec on the night of February 12th, 2002.

Thank you for the hospitality.

-5 hours (UNILETS-kennedy-tom) becomes +5 hours to UNILETS-kennedy-jonathan ....

Keep this email in a file folder as proof of earnings, until you establish your own UNILETS account or you otherwise create your own 'usury-free' bank.

Tommy-Usury: Free otherwise known as 'Tom-Joseph: Kennedy'


Note: This transaction will be posted as an archived message at my UNILETS account at this URL:  You and anyone who wished can view my time transactions. My collateral is my time, my talents, my skills, as well as any products and/or services that I am marketing at The Cyberclass Network.

Also note my 'Offers' and 'Wants' at this URL:

You are invited to create your own UNILETS account at Yahoo to record your 'time' transactions. Simply call it UNILETS-kennedy-jonathan.

At some future date we will transfer all of our time 'credits' and 'debits' to a central time bank.

Please share this information about 'usuryfree' time currency with your friends, business associates and cyberspace contacts. Invite them to establish their own 'usuryfree' time currency account so that we can build the largest database in the world of people who are ready and willing to trade 'usuryfree' time currency instead of 'usury-bearing' federal dollars.

Think about it!!

After all, why should we put up our collateral and use their (the bankers') tokens -otherwise called dollars, money or 'usury-bearing currency - for a FEE, when we can now create our own tokens - otherwise called hours and minutes or 'usuryfree' time currency - for FREE? Our 'usuryfree' time currency is backed by our own integrity-collateral, which is our promise to deliver our labour, energy and time for the betterment of society. Given the ease of modern technology, we can keep our own banking records so we no longer need to pay 'usury' and banking fees to banks in this 21st Century.

By having our 'usuryfree' time transaction records posted publicly on our own websites for all participants to see we no longer need any person or group to do our banking for us. We can do our own.

You are invited to read more about 'usuryfree' economics at The barter/LETS Cyberclassroom at this URL:

Enjoy this day!
Working with you for 'peace and plenty' by 2020
Tommy-Usury: Free otherwise known as 'Tom-Joseph: Kennedy'