Usury-Free Economics - A Win-Win Social Institution
By Tommy-Usury: Free

Poverty, scarcity and lack are functions of the design flaw of usury. The 'usury' elites - who knowingly created the design function of 'usury' have had a hidden agenda for hundreds of years (perhaps thousands) to establish a New World Order with a one-world currency - which will evolve from either the Euro-dollar or the fast-approaching Amero-dollar. This one-world currency will be a 'usury' bearing currency designed to enslave us even more than at present. And we will be need to be micro-chipped if we want to access their 'usury-bearing' currency. Their plan is almost complete BUT we can still thwart their sinister agenda. More details at this URL:

During the 20th Century any teaching about 'usury-free' economics was effectively eliminated from institutions of formal education in Western society. Graduate students in economics, political science and philosophy received their respective degrees without hearing a word about 'usury-free' economics. It is time to for self-motivated seekers to embrace 'usury-free' economics and thereby avoid the narrow and limiting confines of the obsolete 'usury' society and move towards a 'usury-free' society of 'peace and plenty' by 2020.

Less than one percent of the population understand the true meaning of the word 'usury' which is any amount of 'interest' on money above 0% (zero percent). As the one percenters act on the freely flowing information and experiences of the 'usury-free' creatives, more and more innovative ideas are surfacing to liberate the two and three percenters from the yoke of 'usury.' Without a doubt, the two percenters and the three percenters are permitting themselves to learn 'what they don't know they don't know' so that they can shift from 'usury-stayed' to 'usury-freed.'

Clearly, the conventional courses in orthodox economics wherein the concept of 'usury' is deeply rooted and widely accepted were carefully crafted to dissuade any prospected researchers from finding out how 'usury-free' economics really operates. Such knowledge breeds true freedom and the truly free are a great threat to the usury elites.

As we enter the 21st Century, countless freedom advocates are researching 'usury-free' economics to determine how to quickly and effectively create optimal abundance for everyone on planet earth. Since September 11th, 2001, even some orthodox economists are prepared to research the possibility of recognizing the fallacy of advocating 'usury' as an essential element of economic thought and reasoning.

Faced with more and more evidence of how 'usury-free' community currencies are enabling common citizens to regain self-esteem and provide adequately for their personal, family and business needs, reviewers of historical economic thought are being forced to re-evaluate 'usury' as a possible design flaw in our orthodox economic system.

Honourable economists with integrity and honesty are admitting that they have a responsibility of continuously checking the validity of those assumptions they were taught in Economics 101 - given the fact that 'usury-free' economic models are flourishing not only in local communities all over the globe but also in larger political divisions such as in the provinces of Argentina.

Indeed, youthful and astute economic thinkers know that their revered discipline - economics, is recognized as a science that studies human behaviour and understands the direct connection between ends and means. I, Tommy-Usury: Free am one economic thinker who has experienced the reality of 'usury-free' living since I learned of the 'usury-free' LETS (Local Employment Trading System) software in 1983. I often ask the following question: 'If we want to promote optimal solutions, then 'usury-free' economics may enable us to advance society all the more quickly and allow us to travel to peace, prosperity, and abundance for all at a hundred kilometres an hour instead of ten kilometres and hour.'

Jeremy Bentham, an 18th Century philosopher concluded that every social institution should be judged according to whether it was useful in increasing the pleasure or decreasing the pain of the individuals who make up the collective society. Essentially, Jeremy Bentham summarized social good as being the algebraic sum of all individual goods. While many critics have found fallacies in Jeremy Bentham's philosophy, there is a great deal of 'universal truth' in his belief that the misery of the people could be traced back to a lack of money.

It is clear however, that 'usury-free' creatives of the 21st Century are intuitively recognizing that poverty, scarcity and lack are directly and/or indirectly related to the design flaw of 'usury.' For the 'usury-free' creatives, the social institution of 'usury' economics is judged to be failing miserably since it is increasing the pleasure for a few usurers who collect the 'usury' but increasing the pain of the many who are forced to pay the 'usury.'

It is the intent of the 'usury-free' creatives of the 21st Century to lead the way and go forward by re-building a 'usury-free' economic system which optimally serves the material and spiritual needs of human beings while honouring their inherent right to live as free and sovereign individuals.

The ideal economic system as defined by most orthodox economists of the 20th Century maximized output with a given amount of input. Imperfect conditions caused by the design flaw of 'usury' hindered the majority of individuals from experiencing this ideal economic system. Attaining the ideal was impossible because when 'usury' is given to the few (the Usury Elites' Group Of Banking Companies), its equivalent is taken away from the many (the common people). Such an inefficiency in the economic system had caused the ideal to become an illusion, until the advent of the 'usury-free' LETS software.

Promoters of the 'usury-free' LETS software who double as advocates of 'usury-free' finance believe that they can create the ideal economic system which blends the 'isms' for the mutual benefit of all who willingly participate. Friendly, free enterprise, the best of capitalism is enhanced by the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry where one is compelled to reach out and help another before s/he achieves success. 'Usury-free' creatives who double as entrepreneurs are encouraged to compete to excel in performance or service to others BUT never to the point where selfish competition begins to hurt one another. 'Usury-free' creatives are anxious to conduct business without selfishness and/or greed and of course with optimal co-operation.

The best of socialism (co-operation) is enhanced by the Barter and Trading industry where honourable individuals create their own 'usury-free' time currency and back it with their promise (acknowledgement) to deliver products and/or services to others on the database. Each of these are win-win situations for all who participate.

When the design flaw of 'usury' is withdrawn from the orthodox economic equation, selfishness and greed are likewise neutralized because in a 'usury-free' society there is, can be and will be abundance, peace and prosperity for everyone. In the hands of 'usury-free' creatives, the new 'usury-free' time currency will have the potential to become the optimal facilitator for the accomplishment of honourable, local, national and global plans which will be mutually beneficial for every individual in 21st Century society.

'Usury-free' time currency in the hands of 'usury-free' creatives, represents an optimal, unlimited power for the ultimate good of humankind. The recognition and acceptance of 'usury-free' time currency is expected to become the single greatest advance in the history of civilization.

As 'usury-free' economics gains credibility, human life will evolve at a rapid rate. The problems of poverty, scarcity, lack, war, crime, racial tension, drug abuse, alcoholism will disappear as 'usury-free' economics is designed to serve every individual rather than (the few) - the usury elites' group of companies.

With the evolution of 'usury-free' finance we can expect vast spiritual gains also. As human beings recognize their divinity they will understand that economic progress is a means to attaining a more spiritual way of living.

In the 'usury-free' movement, lineage is very important. What the newly 're-educated' transmits is respected and precious only because s/he receives it as a 'universal truth' from a legitimate believer and participant in a 'usury-free' economic system. What each new recruit teaches is directly related to those who have preceded him/her in the 're-education' process.

When we dare to embark upon the 'usury-free' mission, we often hear what we don't want to hear. Processing what we don't want to hear compels us to reassess and consciously change our entrenched, habitual patterns. 'Usury-free' advocates see things in new ways, they hear things in new ways as they set out to transform themselves from 'usury' slaves to 'usury-free' masters of their own destiny. How we handle, resistance determines our speed of evolution and growth.

It is now so very obvious that the usury elites' plan is to devalue the Canadian loonie to a point where 97% of our fellow-Canadians will be in agreement when the 'authorities' explain that it will be in our best interests to surrender the loonie and adopt the American dollar.

We can follow the model of the Argentines. Now over one million Argentines are bartering and trading their skills, talents, products and services. They are exchanging a 'usury-free' community currency. The majority of these one million people are able to get all of the products and/or services they need for their personal and family needs without using the 'usury-bearing' federal money of the Argentine government. More details at the Argentina Cyberclassroom:
Let's action ourselves to move with the last, best solution. Surely, Canadians are as astute as the Argentines. BUT ... just maybe ... perhaps the economic pain is not quite severe enough yet here in Canada. It was only when unemployment reached 20% and the Argentines faced a real shortage of 'usury-bearing' money that they wholeheartedly embraced the idea of creating and using their own 'usury-free' community currency. Since there is an obvious shortage of 'usury-bearing' federal cash in Argentina, the local municipal governments have started accepting the people's 'usury-free' community currency as payment for their municipal taxes in various municipalities in Argentina.
My solution is for we, Canadians to likewise move as quickly as possible away from their 'usury-bearing' orthodox money system and towards our own 'usury-free' time currency system. That's why you will see any products and/or services for sale from The Cyberclass Network with be offered in part for 'usury-free' time currency and in part 'usury-bearing' cash. In order to survive during the transition times we must cover our wholesale costs with 'usury-bearing' cash and accept our profit margins in 'usury-free' time currency.

Our 'usury-free' time currency is completely honest and it has full integrity. By using a 'usury-free' time currency we will be charging a fair market price whereby one hour of time is universal and will therefore have the same value no matter where a person lives on this planet. No more greed, no more poverty, scarcity and lack. Instead, there will be peace, prosperity and abundance for all. More details at the Barter/LETS Cyberclassroom:

PS: The greatest teacher of all times taught His disciples to go among the multitudes two by two; taking with them neither  money nor expecting a return for their spiritual service.

Remember: 'A government which claims to have the power to give people everything they want, likewise has the power to take away everything the people have.'