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Subject: FC 1514. Usury + More


[Ed: in essence this is like the Pope condemning abortion. It should cause
no fuss at all as the Church has long condemned Usury
    Funnily enough Searchlight magazine - a state-sponsored Zionist
'anti-fascist' rag - said that people who call it 'usury' are fascists.
Usury IS a big problem and only Nationalists have DARED to condemn it.
Whilst the left whinge on about usury loans to the Third World and the
right LOVE usury - it 'makes' money! - only we have DARED to condemn usury
OUTRIGHT, wherever it occurs and to whoever it is used.
    Readers should read the booklet USURY by Hilaire Belloc, available from
FC for 2 pound plus postage, for the low-down on usury]:

A Merciless Abuse of Others' Need, Holy Father Says

VATICAN CITY, NOV. 22, 2000 (ZENIT.org).- John Paul II made an urgent
appeal this morning against the "worrying phenomenon of usury," and called
for help for victims of "this spreading plague."

At the end of the general audience, attended by 40,000 faithful, the Holy
Father raised his voice and appealed for "generous commitment in the battle
against this merciless abuse of others' need."

Among the faithful were members of the Italian Association of Foundations
Against Usury and delegates of several regional foundations. Addressing
them, the Pope said: "Usury is a social plague that is spreading and it is
totally necessary to go to the aid of all those who are trapped in this net
of injustice and grave sufferings."

"I sincerely hope that, in the context of the Jubilee Year, thanks to the
contribution of all, concrete steps may be taken to eliminate this grave
scourge," the Pope said.

John Paul II has spoken on several occasions against this abuse and has
exhorted banks to be inspired in the principles of cooperation and
solidarity to combat this phenomenon.

On Nov. 11, when he met with directors and employees of Bank of Rome, the
Pontiff asked the credit institutions to commit themselves even more to the
struggle against usury. He exhorted them to resolutely support people with
financial problems, and not just seek the highest profit.

Usury is extensive in Italy, due, in part, to its banking system. A few
days ago, the Supreme Court condemned some Italian banks for imposing
interest rates on clients with overdrawn accounts that were "higher" than
those of "usury."

[Ed: In fact, usury is wrong, REGARDLESS of the interest charged. Usury is
the imposition of any interest on an UNPRODUCTIVE loan. Belloc explains it
very well -- and the WHOLE banking system is based on it].


There is nothing to stop Vatican from applying the recommendations of
"Rerum Novarum" (1891; Pope Leo XIII) to today and telling us what its
"Culture of Life" would be like. So that we all understand, let's hear
about a model city with surroundings, ie a city-state; one which provides
that "living wage" to all citizens called for in Rerum Novarum.


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