100 YEARS AGO, THE ‘turn-of-the-century’ was a much “bigger” event.  True, they did have big celebrations a year early, when “1900” rolled around.  But, the entrepreneurs recovered enough to remind citizens 1900 wasn’t really the start of the new century…  The celebration “bash” to bring in the year 1901 – was almost as big.  So, why not this year?  Truth is we were just “worn-out” with all the hoopla for Y2K….   Even though most people understand now, the new year --- and the new millennium --didn’t-- start until January 1st of this year, people just weren’t ‘ready’ to celebrate (or to become “fearful”) again ---so soon---.

But; there are good reasons to take time and ‘ponder’ the significance of the New Year.  It is a milestone in history.  It happens only once in a thousand years.  In fact, “this one” really only happens once-every-two-thousand-years.  It is the beginning of a new celestial year (the beginning of the “Age of Aquarius” (science has only begun to understand the significance and accuracy of the ancient astrological ‘celestial’ calendars – and their relationship to cosmic activity).


AND THEN THERE WAS THE ‘ELECTION’….  Bush is to be our next President.  We (the “Watchman”) were wrong about Gore winning the election.  But, were we?  Gore won the popular vote.  Gore probably won the most votes in Florida.  But, “the fortunes of ‘war’” – the circumstances of having a Republican controlled Florida election machine, and a “Republican” nominated U.S. Supreme Court combined to give Bush the victory.

Maybe, this isn’t all bad.  The election had the effect of exposing some of the weaknesses in our election system.  The majority is so ‘thin’, perhaps we will get the “best” of all the campaign promises.  The McCain election finance reform will likely go through.  Some of the better Republican finance promises may get enacted.  We will at least have a “bent” toward ‘sanctity of life’ in the new administration.  The country appears to have accepted Bush as the new President.  Everyone wishes him well.  Maybe the next four years will bring us more good times……

But, --- as we keep saying; the new millennium will bring us a lot of changes --- perhaps not right away --- but, attitudes are changing….   There will be new challenges in “global warming” and fossil fuel use…  There is a change in sentiment among the people.  We are not sure what we want.  This was proven by the ‘close’ election.  There is a ‘yearning’ for finding more meaning to life.  If Dr. Arnold Toynbee is right.  We will find it in a new interest in religion.  The election of Bush will push us in that direction…

(“……Except that the Lord raise him up, he would not be the King….”)…….OR, maybe Garrison Keeler (PBS radio) was right, Sandra Day O’Connor (Supreme Court) selected our new President.

We have a great faith in our political system.  But, it does appear our Supreme Court may have
“selected” our new President.  However, the Court seems to have probably reflected the “will of the people.”

· There does seem to be general enthusiasm – or, expression of trust by the people, in the Cabinet selections Bush has made.


We can hope for a good few years where there is increasing resistance to “urban sprawl” – where there is greater interest in finding a sense of “community” in new cities and towns. Perhaps, CONCHO will become “the place to be.”  We are progressing with our plans. More later……

So, what will the New Year bring us?   Surprises…  What they will be, no one can yet tell.  The weather, a highly volatile world economy, and a sense of being “disenfranchised” by the system - by minority voters in the last election – all could bring on changes in the country -  in 2001….

In 20 years, we will look back on a drastically changed world.  When these changes will occur (or, when we will recognize the changes), we can only guess.

There are some “signs” of what is to come  –in 2001-  on the horizon:

· Unemployment is rising.
· Consumer confidence is on the wane.
· World trade deficits are rising
· The oceans are rising (may mean global warming is upon us.)
· There is unrest in the “soul” of the Nation.
· “Someone will try out the atom bomb within the next 20 years.” (Daniel Moynahan)*
*It will likely not be in 2001 – but, WHO KNOWS?
· Fears of recession have replaced fears of inflation as a priority concern– in economic circles……
· The NASDAQ stock prices are off an average of 40%----  This could be the start of a major recession --- certainly a “reality check” for those who thought the stock market could only “go up.”
· The Arab \ Israeli situation remains ‘volatile’…. It could set off a MidEast war.
· Russia is showing signs of “Empire Building” – and “Saber Rattling” again. (They will be “helping” Castro in Cuba again – in an attempt to gain influence in the Western Hemisphere.

(Yes, it’s our usual answer….  Let’s all go to Concho.)

In Concho, the ‘living’ is good.  The Skiing is good.  The golfing is good.  We’ll preserve the “old west” atmosphere.  What goes on –“in-the-rest-of-the-World” – will not seem so important……………………..

Yes, we are ‘progressing’ in Concho.  No; things are not going at the speed we would like them to, but  ------  they are moving.

Local residents in Concho want to be assured we will preserve the rural Character and Western ambience of the area  (we assure them we want to maintain the character of the area as bad as do they.)  New residents will not want to move the area – to see more “mindless-urban-sprawl.”

We still do not know on the disposition of the Concho Country Club – and related assets.  We still do not know if we will be the successful bidder on these assets.  We are still awaiting the “go-ahead” on development in the Concho Park Estates subdivision (now to be known as “Shiloh Village” -  as a part of a ‘clustered village’ master plan for the Concho area.   But, Outback Developers LLC will be building  the first model homes before long.

We are working with local citizens on the Master Plan for the entire Concho area.  The Governor of Arizona – under the “Growing Smarter” initiative has mandated a master plan to be at least initially in place by the end of 2001 (it appears there is some resistance in the Concho area to the idea of being mandated by the Governor.  This will only take some more discussion.)

SURE, we would like a few hundred of our readers to move to Concho right away……to help with the plan… with the building….help make it the kind of community you would like it to be.   But, we recognize you would like us to get things a bit more organized –and ‘predictable’ – before that starts.

Let’s make 2001 the year of the ‘break-through’ in development in Concho…  Let us ‘launch’ the New Millennium from Concho.

We want to be the ‘model’ for a new approach to rural/urban development.  We want to demonstrate that life quality can be restored in the planning process.

-----Maybe  –just maybe-  Concho will begin to take shape as the “model/ planned community/ city” it was proclaimed to be when it was first designed – some 20 years ago—in 2001…..


Many of our Hawaiian – and- Japanese readers, who are owners of lots in the Concho area should take note, we are progressing.  We will be in touch by letter, when we can better assure you we are building the community “you were promised.”  We’ll get there…….


We’ll make some predictions for the New Year:

· We will have over 100 new home owners in Concho during 2001

· We will get a Master Plan in place for the Concho area during 2001

· Concho will become a familiar address –Nationwide- during 2001

· The “Dow Jones” average will reach 12,000 in 2001

· The NASDAQ stock averages will fall to under 2,000 sometime in 2001

· There will be some kind of “regional” war started in 2001

· Mexico will become a “world player” on the economic scene under its new President.  This will become ‘real’ to us during 2001. (We may hear the “whoosh” of jobs going across the border Ross Perot predicted some years ago – and a ‘slow-down’ of people coming to the U.S. to work, as President Fox has predicted.)

We hope you all had a “merry Christmas” – and, a “Happy New Year”.

REMEMBER, let’s make 2001 the year of the ‘framing’ of the “Concho.” – a model community, -a new place ‘to-be’, a “new home-on-the-range” – that you’ve always wanted.

For more information, contact us a 1-800-383-2489 or 602-867-9700.  Look us up on the internet at, or contact us at the address below.

‘til next time,

Russ Voorhees <>

Heritage West 2000
PO Box 486
Concho, AZ 85924