Thought-Provoking Quotations From The Wall of Fame

on Saturday, April 21, 2001

"True peace is not merely the absence of tension, it is the presence of justice" M.L. King
"War does not decide who is right, only who's left"
"The earth does not belong to us, we belong to the earth" Chief Seattle
"Our resistance is as global as your oppression"
"We are witness to the corrupt rape of the world."
"No More Bushit"
"Invite people to think and you incite revolution"
"Thou shalt not take usury of another man."
"Our mother earth is NOT for sale"
"Let George W. Bush be the first "bush" to be cut down"
"Keep warm - Burn out the rich"
"Don't look for the centre of oppression, because oppression is everywhere"
"Don't be a sheeple, re-educate yourselves"
"Globalization, militarization - both sides of the same coin"
"There are unjust laws as there are unjust men." M. Ghandi
"The average American is familiar with over 200 corporate company logos
but can't identify 10 plant species."
"Speak truth to power."
"Another world is possible."
The "usury" economy is killing us."
"Red white and blue
Colous that blind
Reject their scam
Open your mind."
"Encourageons le respect."
"Tous les humaines sont plus égaux que d'autres." George Orwell 1984
"Time 4 Nousury."

"If it's to be it's up to me."

"Pourquoi nous mettre encage comme des animaux?"
"Abolish Vegetation Prohibition"
"Abolish Usury"
"If voting worked, they'd make it illegal"