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Date: Tuesday, April 24, 2001 1:57 AM
Subject: Re:The FTAA Summit of "Tears & Gas," The Wall of "Shame & Fame" and An Immediate Plan of Action

There is hope!

I agree with this sixty-something retired school teacher of 37 years with the Ottawa-Carleton District school board.  He was there and he has a report of Quebec events last weekend that you won't find in the Toronto Star or National Post - or any other secular newspaper.  I whole-heartedly agree with his methods.  The name of the game is NOT to cause trouble and discredit ourselves as violent "militia" types and "trouble makers."  The name of the game is to TEACH our peers about what is REALLY going on.  I relate with Tommy when he says that some of his closest "friends" think he's either wacked out and/or tilting at windmills.  The fact is that the surest way to effect a change in society is to raise awareness of what is really wrong until we have a critical mass of people who know the truth.  From this position of strength, our voices will be heard because it simply spreads and finds a life of its own that reshapes public opinion.

Don't expect the media from the "just us" club to get this message out.  You won't read it in a mainstream newspaper (though you will at the 1.4 million readers-a-day www.worldnetdaily.com newspaper that I encourage EVERYONE to make your home web page) and you won't hear about it on the electric fireplace (AKA TV, AKA 57 channels and nothing on).  You will find it on the net though, if you use a competent search engine and surf a bit.  There is something very wrong with the world we live in.  Can't you "feel" it?  If you want links, drop me an email and I'll share a few.

Christians know the Revelation end-times are close at hand but most of them (us) have a giant disconnect between this "belief" and the reality of their immediate world around themselves.  WAKE UP!  Tim LaHaye (with over 37 million books sold - including the now-famous "Left Behind" series) is admonishing the over 250,000 pastors in America to wake up to the manifestation of "Secular Humanism" that the present governments of the world have foisted upon us. That's what the Quebec Summit was all about! The book is called "Mind Siege" and interested parties can get a copy on worldnetdaily. 

Libertarians also know that something is very wrong.  They have studied history, know the law and can clearly see that our rights are being insideously stolen from us.  The house is being systematically dismantled one board at a time.  They want it to stop and so do I.

Here is a GIANT wake up call to all Canadians.  Consider this simple fact.  The people of England baricaded King John in his castle and forced him to sign the Magna Carta 800 years ago.  A few hundred years later, another generation of British extracted a "Petition of the Rights of Man" that further refined these principles. One of the hallmarks of the British Commonwealth is that citizens have been free to come and go as they please - to assemble peacefully without threat from the state and to travel throughout the land without restraint.  We have never had to "present papers" to gain access to our home or any "commons" area.  After last weekend, all that is over.  Chretien said he "had to do it."  I have knews for you Mr. Chretien;  YOU DID NOT HAVE TO DO IT.  You are a betrayer of the trust of your people.  You brought Hitler's Germany to our shores.  You protect your "just us" club at all our expense and you undermine the principles our forefathers fought and died to preserve.  Shame on you and shame on all government officials who have participated in this shameful spectacle and then have the audacity to hand us the bill for it.

Here is a bit of news I'd like to report.  Last Saturday, I took my family to Abruzzo Pizza in Richmond Hill and there were two police officers there.  I commented that "I bet you're glad you're not in Quebec this weekend." One officer replied with true glee - "What?  An miss all the fun?"  This is the mentality of at least some York Regional Police that are sworn to "serve and protect" - serve and protect WHOM?  When I pressed the issue, he spouted the same garbage about "radicals" and "troublemakers" that he was clearly indoctrinated with from HQ and that the media portrayed to us.  He didn't care about the Magna Carta or our Charter of Rights and Freedoms or the fact that these are fellow Canadians exercising their right to express their protest to these government initiatives that undermine our national sovereignity.  This was 60,000 Canadian people - not a couple of nuts.

I spoke with a Chinese-Canadian businessman a week ago while flying home from Minneapolis.  He had just returned from a 2-week business trip in China.  I asked him what the media was telling the Chinese people about the recent collision and downing of the US spy plane.  He told me the media is saying the US is preparing to invade China.  Can you believe it?  The North American media is telling us China is getting ready to invate Taiwan.  We're all being played for fools and our sons are about to get sucked into a war that will only benefit the "just us" clubs in China and the US.  This propaganda is INSANE.

How have we slipped so far and so fast?  The answer lies in each one of us - our apathy, skepticism, curiosity, desire for fairness and justice, pursuit of pleasure, our fear of "getting involved," our greed for canning all you can get and sitting on the can, our negative and unconstructive criticisms of government while being too lazy to bother trying to find alternatives, our being too busy to get involved in our childrens' education and in trying to place them in alternatives to "public" education, our attitude of "someone else will do it?" It's not the government's fault - its ours for putting them there.  Don't get me started!

Anyway, on to Tommy No-Usery.  God bless you.  I'm not sure your approach is THE answer but at least it is another option in a landscape of very few alternatives.  Of one thing I do completely agree; the real problem behind balooning taxes is a national debt that is fundamentally caused by our sovereign nation paying interest on our currency to international banking cartels in an ever-spiraling debt cycle that is statistically impossible to pay. Why does a sovereign nation need to pay rent on our money anyway?  America didn't until 1913 and they had no national debt UNTIL the Federal Reserve!  Hey Tommy, when is your kid going to pay his $200,000 share (i.e. if you factor in the statistically bankrupt unfunded pension liability we've paid into and that our government holds not ONE concrete asset to back up) of the national debt?  Hey Uncle Charlie, when will you pay up - when we bury you?  The bottom line is that our money is a Ponzie Scheme - an accident waiting to happen.  We sure as heck need to change this corrupt system to SOMETHING - or else.  Your system is at least more honest than theirs.  Speaking of money.  Has anyone noticed that it us a UN soldier - not a Canadian one - on the new $10 bill?  What do YOU think THAT means?

I take comfort that God is in control but I am completely convicted of this fact:  Almighty God wants His people to observe their world with their eyes wide open.  Here's a few scriptural authorities to ponder:

1 - Be as wise as serpents but as gentle as doves. (Matt 10:16)

2 - Were you called while a slave?  Do not be concerned about it; however if you can be made free, rather use it.  (1 Corr 7:21)

3 - Let us send forth a Watchman.  Let him report all he sees. (Ezek ?)

And most authoritively from Christ Himself:

4 - Hearing, you will hear and shall not understand.  And seeing you will see and not perceive; for the heart of this people has grown dull.  Their ears are hard of hearing And their eyes have closed, lest they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears; Lest they should understand with their hearts and turn, so that I should heal them.  (Matt 13:14-15)

5 - False prophets and false christs will arise and show great signs and wonders, so as to deceive if possible, even the elect.  See I have told you beforehand. (Matt. 24:24)

And Paul gets the last word because he tells us who is really holding back this New World Order and ultimately the Anti-Christ:

6 - For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only He who now restrains will do so until He is taken out of the way.

Every Christian who knows the Word of God recognizes that the Restrainer is the Holy Spirit, that He dwells in our spirits and that all the manifestations of the Holy Spirit are channeled through His people in whom He is in-dwelled.  The restraint of this emerging evil is supposed to come from God's own people via the Spirit that dwells in their spirit!  If we resist the devil, he will flee us.  We need only find our voices - to pray, to teach, to learn the truth about what is really going on here so we can resist it and to send some honest politicians to Ottawa.  If you think your ONLY calling is to preach the Word of God, YOU are deceived.  You are called to bear witness to the truth - all truth.  Indeed, the Gospel is a tool to give people HOPE in the face of such a mess.  People need to see that it really is a MESS.  YOU and I need to tell them the whole story.  That's GREAT news to me.  I know I'm on the winning team!

Even YOU can make a difference.  Find your voice, open your mind, use your eyes to read alternative news sources, tune your ears into an undercurrent that is getting louder and louder!  Consider what actions YOU can take to force this government to turn from its wicked ways.  Bonhoffer refused to cooperate with Hitler long before his evil schemes became widely manifest and great men like Albert Einstein have sung his praises.  Now is again such a time for each of us to waken the giant that dwells in each of us.  We're not alone.

The hands of our government are not clean here and our national media didn't tell us the truth.  That is the bottom line.
Now read "What really happened in Quebec from an eye-witness."

The Watchman

(Standing on guard for thee too)