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The Petition for The World Water organization is posted below for your information. Readers are invited to read it. Then you are invited to go to this URL: so that your signature can be counted. The World Water Organization seeks 13,000 signatures by December 31st, 2001. Send your friends to sign and let's network this both locally and globally.

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To:  The 6 billion+ residents of planet earth

An Invitation To Readers From All Around Planet Earth :

The World Water Organization

According to experts, our non-salted water resources are limited. 97.5% of the water on this planet is salted. Out of the remaining non-salted resources, some are dying, leaving us with only 2.5% of fresh water, From 1990 to 1995, the consumption of water has increased by seven times over, due to the increase of births and irrigation. The numbers are surprising, in the year 2000, the population of the earth holds to be 6 billion, in 2025 about 8.3 billion and 10 billion in 2050, therefore our consumption will sky rocket as well as the complexity of our irrigation systems. ``Due to polluted water about 25 million people die in underdeveloped countries and half of all diseases are directly or indirectly transmitted through water`` exclaims the General of the The World Meteorology Organization. ``Every year, the numbers increase, 5 million have died from malicious water, and the numbers are not decreasing since water pollution is still a threat to humans. `` (Saturday, May 22, 2000, journal de montreal)

The World Water Organization is a humanitarian network founded by Daniel LaChance and Patrick Kerry from Montreal, Quebec.

On December 18, 2000 Daniel LaChance and Patrick Kerry introduced to the Quebec Provincial Government, a public bill (a new law) about international humanitarian assistance in support of critical emerging measures regarding the transportation and delivery of fresh water.

A significant event of the original project occurred when this public bill was remitted to the General Investment Corporation of Quebec – the biggest public financial asset of ownership in Quebec.

On January 12, 2001 an official response was forwarded to The World Water Organization on behalf of Bernard Landry, the Minister of Finance by his Secretary. Later in 2001, Bernard Landry became the Premier of Quebec.

As of this date (November 9th, 2001) the parliamentary oath has not been rendered by Premier Bernard Landry as this public bill has not yet proceeded through the required stages of passage.

The World Water Organization will provide for human consumption, where ever needed, locally and/or globally. This fresh water will be pure and clear natural spring water without chemical additives.

The World Water Organization will establish a proper research and development program for quality control of environmental and management resources in conjunction with its mission, goals and strategies.

The World Water Organization will package the fresh water in 11 litre containers using the box `n` bag format to facilitate ease of transportation and delivery.

The World Water Organization seeks (a) government partners (b) corporate partners (c) institutional partners and (d) individual partners to help advance its mission.

We, the undersigned support the humanitarian mission of The World Water Organization to supply the fresh water needed in cases of crisis or emergency anywhere in the world.

We anticipate that the mission will be fulfilled when the governments of all countries on planet earth ratify an international treaty giving The World Water Organization the necessary financial resources complete with guaranteed security arrangements so that any given country can be easily accessed at critical times by those charged with the responsibility of transporting and delivering the fresh water.

We the undersigned, support the introduction and passage of a public bill (a new law) about international humanitarian assistance in support of emergency measures regarding water.

Petitioners are invited to read all of the information at the website for The World Water Organization at this URL : and then sign this petion and forward it to others and requested that they continue to expand the petition network so that we have a minimum of 13,000 signatures from all over planet earth before December 31, 2001.

Such immediate action from the grassroots will ensure that this public bill (new law) will proceed rapidly through the required stages of passage early in 2002.

The World Water Organization (Humanitarian)
P.O. Box 1333
Succ. Place D`Armes
Montreal, Quebec
H2Y 3K5

Donations of any amount are gratefully accepted to help advance this mission. Please make any cheques or money orders payable to : The World Water Organization and send them to the above address.

Tom-Joseph: Kennedy

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