Mind Control LINKS PROVE Various Shootings were STAGED!!

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Subject: Mind Control LINKS PROVE Various Shootings were STAGED!!

This is kind of a DO-IT-YOURSELF-KIT.  I'm not trying to force ideas down

anybody's throat, just provide information so you can come to your OWN
conclusions.  If you have trouble reaching a website, LET ME KNOW.
I may have to update which LINKS work OR you may be CENSORED by your
own ISP.  Especially if you have AOL, earthlink or a few others I've been hearing
people having trouble with.  I really began warning people with this after I saw
the movie "THE MATRIX."  There were all kinds of MK-ULTRA 'TRIIGER' cues
throughout the movie.  It wouldn't appear obvious unless you read Fritz
Springmeier's book on mind-control slaves, which IS totally ONLINE by the way.
I'd be more than happy to discuss anything with anybody on this at any time.
So if you have a question, or just want to chat about any of this, you won't be
bothering me.  Feel free to write back.  As long as I'm not in jail or DEAD, I'll
continue to inform others.
Oh, also, there are a few mind-control stories, like material on Port Arthur Australia
that I've put on a PUBLIC yahoo e-mail address.  Just goto http://www.yahoo.com
then enter the USERID: walker_46253  PASSWORD: thetruth  There are a few
CHEMTRAILS photos there too.  If you are a yahoo user, you have to sign out, then
sign out COMPLETELY, then sign in again as a DIFFERENT user.  If for some reason
the material is NOT there, let me know and I'll resend it there or directly to you.

Below is a listing of ALL current Mind-Control LINKS I've found thus far.
This is a copy of what I sent e-mailers who responded to the Oklahoma
School shooting.  This stuff is REAL people!  This is how THEY are taking
our GUNS.  Learn it and instruct OTHERS!  If we can educate people that it
is the FEDeral Govt. that is killing our kids in school, we can TURN the
GUN CONTROL agenda around on the REAL MURDERERS!!
I'm e-mailing people who have responed to the recent Oklahoma school shooting.
This is because I believe you are concerned about people and you MAY want to
be aware of some things that are NOT being aired on the conventional media.
If you are a person who is OPEN to the truth, I want to share some information
with you. You can prove to YOURSELF that these shootings were DELIBERATE
and PLANNED!  I'm not trying to sell you anything or get you to join any group.
But, if you are telling people the answer is like Clinton and Reno are saying....
"Get rid of the GUNS!"  I swear before God, YOU are helping the very people that
have MURDERED these kids and the people in the church in Texas!  If you check
the information, you'll see for yourself.  I've included many URL LINKS with tons of
information below you can investigate for yourself.  The purpose here is very simple,
DISARM the American people so FOREIGN troops, (many are ALREADY HERE)
can overwhelm and takeover this country.  And lest you think I'm a Clinton basher,
let me assure you that the old Bush and the New Bush are just about as bad!
International Bankers have controlled Presidents for a LONG time!  Now, these
bankers through the United Nations are seeking to STAGE "Terrorist" incidents to
be BLAMED on armed U.S. militia groups.  This is the same strategy Adolph
Hitler (another who favored gun control) used when he took power.  He had his NAZI
buddies burn down the Reighstag building, then blamed, arrested and EXECUTED
his opposition!  The FBI, Justice Dept?  and especially FEMA have used and WILL
use these same tactics.
Back to the shootings.  Some time ago, a BW movie was made with Frank Sinatra
and Angela Landesbury.  Called "The Manchurian Candidate" this movie dealt with
the technology of MIND-CONTROL.  3 American servicemen were captured on the
North Korean border, drugs and hypnosis were used to turn them into ASASSINS!
The acutal term used in this movie was "mechanism."  Our own CIA imported NAZI
scientists like Joseph Mengele under Project Paperclip.  Mengele perfected mind-
control technology HERE under the name MK-ULTRA.  The movie "Conspiracy
Theory" with Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts and Patrick Stewart centers around MK-ULTRA!
This technology IS REAL!  Used to create assasins, sex slaves and information
couriers.  This early technology used drugs, hypnosis and TORTURE on people and
children sometimes as young as 18 MONTHS!!  I'm not making this crap up, the data
below will confirm this if you bother to LOOK!  The U.S. govt. has admitted the MK-ULTRA
program in congressional RECORD.  Other CIA mind-control programs had names of:
MK-DELTA, MK-NAOMI, Project Artichoke and Project Monarch.  These names can be
used in search engines on the web.  MK-DELTA involves putting a microchip in the head
so the person "hears voices."  How quick the public was to dismiss Kip Kinkel's defense
that he heard 3 separate voices telling him to kill his parents THEN goto school and kill
EVERYONE THERE!  The shooter in the Wedgewood Texas church had written letters
to both media and police COMPLAINING of contacts by the CIA!  He too heard voices
and was as much a VICTIM of MK-DELTA as the people he shot!
Pres. Clinton has allowed/sold most of our military secrets to China and torn down most
of our defensive capability.  The Panama Canal IS about to go into Chinese control.
Do you think it's WISE to DISARM American citizens when Russia AND China are BOTH
militarizing and stiring their people against the U.S.??  Hillary AND Bill Clinton ARE both
COMMUNISTS!  None of this is accidental.  Disarm America and have Foreign troops
takeover.  You can actually SEE the preparations of these foreign troops in a video called
"Police State 2000."  You should have seen some of them in action recently in Seattle,
WA when 50,000 people demonstrated against the WTO and NWO in general.  Oh, NWO
stands for...Yes the New World Order!  Government PAID insurgents named "Anarchists"
were inserted into a mostly PEACEFUL crowd.  These were NOT arrested or hit by Police!
However, the few store fronts broken and fires set, looked good on TV and were USED by
police as an excuse to ATTACK the rest of the crowd with teargas and rubber bullets.
You've only got a little time before all hell breaks loose in this country.  FBI and other FEDs
are PLANNING terrorism to be BLAMED on conservative groups who have been WARNING
you these things would happen.  WACO, OKC Bombing, TWA 800, and the recent Egypt
Air crash have ALL been twisted and LIED about by the media and govt. officials.
The only thing I'm asking of you is to have an open mind and know that MANY governments
attack their people.  The goal here is a sheer greed for power and control.  In order for the
U.N. to have control, they MUST DISARM the U.S. people!  I plead with you NOT to help them!
In fact, if you've convinced YOURSELF that I'm telling you the truth, you should be mad as hell
at what is happening and warn others YOURSELF!  Turning in the guns will only get ALL killed!
Below are some LINKS that you can check out as long as information is free on the internet.
I assure you, this WILL change SOON!  More are there, I just hope you'd want to be SURE
you are doing the RIGHT thing!  I'm CERTAIN about what I've told you here.  I'm trying to help!

PLEASE take a sec. to check this stuff out.  I think you'll be surprised at
what the media REALLY told U.S. about Pittsbugh below.  I'm have also
reprinted my post to another egroups, but the info affects ALL of U.S.!
I urge ALL of you to be like Paul Revere and use your FORWARD buttons
and let the rest of this country KNOW what's REALLY happeing and
what's ABOUT to happen!

For those calling themselves Christians who've actually Read the Bible know
that DREAMS have played and STILL DO play an important warning role.
This morning, my wife Angie relayed a DREAM in which we were stopped at
a ROADBLOCK, our gun (legally registered with carry permit) was siezed.
We were taken to a large WAREHOUSE with other people and houses were
searched.  Oh yes, the cop in the dream said this was "PRACTICE IN CASE OF
A REAL EMERGENCY."  Now, add 2 and 2 together and connect the dots.
I believe that when the upcoming 'TERROR'
Bilogical / Chemical DRILLS start in just a couple DAYS in May, we WILL
see ROADBLOCKS, people DETAINED in warehouses and
We've already seen similar incidents in recent days with the Washington IMF
protests and the Elian house RAID.  Do NOT think this is NOT possible!
Add 2 and 2 here, Alex Jone's tape "Police State 2000" has already shown
CONDITIONING in his area with regard to roadblocks and searches.  STAGED
shootings is setting the stage to put public support behind gun CONFISCATION.
FEMA and the Attorney General's post are being setup to take total CONTROL
Since we are ALREADY experiencing this with CHEMTRAIL SPRAYING,
(Not withstanding Perna's UN-INFORMED remarks on this subject AGAIN)
Technically we are ALREADY having chemical or biological terrorism.
Combine that with Ric's and others reports of INCREASED flyovers of helicopters
and small jets LOW to the ground.  We appear to have the RECON before
HOUSE-TO-HOUSE SEARCHES for weapons begins.  Bear in mind that 120
cities were originally scheduled for Chemical / /Biological DRILLS.
I STRONGLY URGE ALL OF YOU, to make sure weapons are NOT out in the open in
your homes where they can be STOLEN by FEDs or UN.  If you are out and 'CAUGHT' in
a roadblock, you may be able to get to the side of the road and POSSIBLY cache the
weapon under the GUISE of having to go potty or something.  Keeping a ziplock bag in
your car would be good for this in case you are able to return to that spot and retrieve it.
Arguing about your CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS will NOT get your weapon BACK!
We are entering the time when these slime will not play by ANY rules but their own.
If you cache weapons outside, I highly recomend getting them as near heavy metal
type objects as possible to help obscure scanning.  Things like cars, tractors,  etc.
Positioning the weapons vertically will probably make for a smaller detectable object.
In talking to my sister this morning, she said that Clinton was on TV and was talking about
newslinks yet, but it would be the next logical step in the series of STAGED shootings.
This is IMPORTANT enough that I have gone through a few of the Pittsburgh stories to
point out impotant details that indicate this WAS INDEED A SETUP using govt. mind-
control programs LIKE MK-Ultra.  A person following the PROGRAM under this type of
conditioning is usually CALM AND METHODICAL.  This is because he or she is not mad,
sad or angry, just FOLLOWING A SET OF INSTRUCTIONS CALMLY.  If you desire more
information on STAGED SHOOTINGS, I have a page of URL LINKS that will in short order,
let you see EXACTLY how and WHY these are happening with increased frequency.
I also have a page of LINKS on CHEMTRAILS and SPRAYING which I believe is
PERFECTLY legitimate to report in this format as it IS an attack by globalist forces in
various areas.  These MANMADE CLOUDS are doing two obvious things.  The FIRST is
creating DROUGHT CONDITIONS!  The second is to make people ILL.  I will not waste
further space here save to invite you to READ it for YOURSELF. e-mail: hitech@smithville.net
I'm URGING EVERYONE to WARN as many people as possible as to what is most likely
about to happen.  Get weopans PROCURED, SECURED and supplies READY!
(More PHOTOS and other LINKS here!)
Pittsburgh Shooting LINKS on Yahoo
- Victims left in wake of rampage - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Apr 29, 2000)
- Lawyer lived unnotable life... until now - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Apr 29, 2000)
- Cold killer's 20-mile trail leaves 5 dead - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Apr 29, 2000)
- 5 People Are Shot to Death, and a Lawyer Is Arrested - NY Times (registration req'd) (Apr 29, 2000)
- Gunman in Rampage Kills 5 Near Pittsburgh - Los Angeles Times (Apr 29, 2000)
- Gunman kills 5 - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (Apr 29, 2000)
- 5 Dead in Suburban Pa. Shootings - AP (Apr 29, 2000)
- Five Dead in Pittsburgh Area Shootings - Reuters (Apr 29, 2000)
Suspect In Custody in Pa. Shootings
(AP) - The violence started at a suburban home, where a Jewish woman had been shot dead,
and quickly spread to an Indian grocery store, a Chinese restaurant and, finally, a karate school.
Over the course of an hour, police say a man targeting minorities calmly drove across the four
Pittsburgh suburbs Friday afternoon and methodically picked out his victims. More...
Suspect In Custody in Pa. Shootings
Kent Kretzler, who owns a travel agency next to the Indian grocery, said the shooter
appeared calm as he walked out of the store, tucked away a gun and walked to his car.
Gunman kills 5
Like Taylor, Baumhammers was described by various witnesses as acting calmly
throughout the shooting and police said he surrendered peacefully when he was captured in Beaver County.
The FBI is investigating possible ethnic intimidation and civil rights crimes.
(Look at THIS line!:) Nobody knows for sure but the next target may have been Beth El Congregation of South Hills located in the 1900 block of Cochran Road in Scott Township.
(WHY?  WHY do they say this?  Nothing else in the story SUPPORTS this!)
Kretzler, 49, said he looked out his window and saw the gunman holding a revolver with his arm extended. The man then put the gun into his belt and walked to a black Jeep Cherokee. The man got in the vehicle and drove away, Kretzler said. "I kind of realized, `Oh my gosh, what's going on here,' and the thing that struck me more than anything else is he was very calm, cool and collected," Kretzler said. Fife, peeking cautiously around the edge of her house, said he was dressed in a sport coat and over-sized sunglasses, and appeared calm. "He'd just walked back nonchalantly like he'd done his business," Fife said.  (Here's PROPAGANDA:)
By this time, nobody knew what was going on and day care centers and schools were taking no chances.
Mt. Lebanon School District officials learned of the shootings around 2:50 p.m., said Superintendent Glenn Smartschan. All 10 district schools went to lockdown status for about 35 minutes, meaning students had to stay in their classrooms, Smartschan said. (LOCKDOWN!! LOCKDOWN!  LOCKDOWN!!)  She looked outside and saw a man walking casually to his vehicle. "He just didn't seem to care," Wenzig said.  Baumhammers, sometimes staring blankly and at other times grinning broadly, wore a black T-shirt, black jeans and a bulletproof vest.
Gunman in Rampage Kills 5 Near Pittsburgh
The burly, goateed Baumhammers, dressed in a black T-shirt and dark pants, would calmly step from his Jeep, witnesses said, then open fire, climb back in and drive off to another suburban Pittsburgh community, where he allegedly would repeat the grim process. Kent Kretzler, who owns a travel agency next to the grocery, said he saw Baumhammers walk out of the store tucking a gun into a holster or waistband and casually strolling the 40 yards to his Jeep. "He got in and sat for maybe five or 10 seconds without doing anything and just very calm and collectedly pulled out as if pulling out after buying a bag of groceries," Kretzler said. "There was nothing there to make you think he had done anything wrong."  The shooting comes less than two months after 39-year-old Ronald Taylor, diagnosed as schizophrenic, allegedly killed three white men and wounded two others in Wilkinsburg, Pa.  Last July, 21-year-old Benjamin Smith, an avowed white supremacist, chose the Independence Day weekend to embark on a racist shooting spree across Illinois and Indiana. Smith killed two people and wounded seven before killing himself as police pursued him through rural Southern Illinois. (The Smith case ABSOLUTELY WAS STAGED!! He had shot himself under the chin, his van was weaving, police stopped him but he fought them off to get 2 MORE BULLETS into himself to COMPLETE HIS PROGRAMMING!!  Reno came to Bloomington IN HERE to decry the RACIST SHOOTING!! SAME THEME HERE!!  SAME THEME HERE!!  HATE CRIME!!)
Lawyer lived unnotable life... until now
The one-man rampage police identified as Richard Scott Baumhammers was, by all accounts, a young man remarkable only for his intelligence -- a man who lived so quietly that most neighbors didn't know he was there.
(This is TYPICAL.  See the movie "The Manchurian Candidate." in that movie, one of the 'nicest' guys is turned into a robotic killing "mechanism."  Mechanism is the acutal term USED!  This furthers the DISARMAMENT agenda because you just never know who will lose it next eh?)
"He didn't seem like a typical candidate for an international law program," said Eric McElwain, a lecturer who oversaw the program. "A lot of the students in this program speak some other language and have some other international experience. And from what I remember, I don't think he had much international experience."
According to the 15-year-old, Baumhammers dropped off the chat room about two months ago, and when his screen name recently reappeared, "I didn't feel like talking to him."
(I suspect this is when he was given his FINAL ASSIGNMENT!)
Cold killer's 20-mile trail leaves 5 dead
What was so chilling was the unhurried, methodical demeanor of a goateed gunman, firing a handgun and wreaking ethnic and racial terror from an old-money section of Mt. Lebanon to an Indian grocery, a Chinese restaurant and a karate school.  And then he saw a man walk past, carrying a gun. He showed "no panic, no anguish, nothing ... He was very calm," Kretzler said. Kretzler said the gunman walked calmly to his car, which was parked in a handicapped spot.  "I went to the window because I was curious and he came walking by. He was just calmly walking down the sidewalk -- and then I saw the gun." Wenzig locked her shop door as the suspect, wearing sunglasses, a sport coat and carrying a briefcase under his arm, walked at a normal pace toward his Jeep. "And then he popped off another couple of shots. I didn't see what he shot at. And then he calmly drove off," she said.  Fratangeli, 28, said at first he thought he was going to be in the midst of a shoot-out but after an Ambridge car blocked his path, Baumhammer stopped his car and complied with the officers requests. "He showed no emotion," Fratangeli said. Baumhammer also did not say anything to the officers.  The rampage caused all kinds of havoc in the leafy neighborhoods of Mt. Lebanon. School officials locked down all 10 school buildings and delayed dismissals after police alerted them of the shootings at 2:50 p.m. Students were not allowed to leave until 3:25 p.m. when school officials received word from police that it was safe to let them out, said Superintendent Glenn Smartschan.


Good Morning Larry,
This is the latest on what is being reported locally on Pittsburgh's latest "shooting spree".  Richard Baumhammers, the shooter, 34 years old lived with his parents (both dentists, sister is a doctor).  This is very interesting:  He was in his own practice SPECIALIZING IN IMMIGRATION CASES!!!!
That is very odd for Pittsburgh!!  At least I think so!!!  He has been described as being a "loner" in High School, who often made "hateful remarks" about Jewish people.  His first victim, a 62 year old Jewish neighbor.  The next 2 victims were Hindu,  the next 2 were Oriental and the last a black man.  "They" read (FBI) has not yet determined this as a "Hate Crime" because there has to be some specific intent toward "a group".  This one is all over the map!!!!
The Jewish community seems to be in an uproar!  But what I find most intriguing are the shooters mannerisms!!  Hypnotic is what I see!
Don't know yet what the "Big Media Monsters" are spinning this as, but I am sure we will see it today.
Again, Thank You Larry!

4.28.00  4/20 Sacrifices Enacted Later This Year?

It's become a fairly well-known rumor (at least) that on or around April
20 is considered by covert, Illuminati/Masonic elements of the global
secret government and their accomplices/cohorts to be an especially
auspicious time for the enactment of "blood sacrifices"--generally
involving the slaughter of "innocents," as it were.

Speculation has it that this time period is one in which these cult-like
groups sacrifice the lives of innocent humans to the deity
"Baal"--actions that the perpetrators of these demonic rituals believe
are a means of accruing power to themselves.

Waco, the Oklahoma City bombing and the Columbine school massacre are
three greatly suspicion-arousing incidents which occurred on either
April 19 or 20 in recent years: events made all the more horrifying by
the certain or near-certain involvement of federal government elements
in the planning and implementation of the atrocities or "sacrifices."

Often, MK-Ultra type "Manchurian Candidate" mind-controlled agents are
used to carry out such incidents; which often have additional socially
manipulative agendas, such as increasing public support for gun control
laws. Additionally, such zomboid agents can be used as scapegoats and
patsies by Illuminati controllers in the staging of such events, in the
manner of Lee Harvey Oswald.
Many people were mindful of these things when April 19-20 rolled around
this year, and notices were widely circulated on the Internet urging
people to have their VCRs record one of the news networks full-time on
these dates.

And guess what? Nothing of particular note happened on those dates this year.

But, in a year when both Passover and Easter came rather later than
usual, maybe the "Baal" worshippers' demonic sacrifice dates occurred
later as well.

In fact: THIS week, beginning April 24, there have been THREE mass
shooting incidents in the U.S. and another incident in which explosive
devices were detonated in a high school on the Navajo Indian reservation.

On Monday of this week, there was a bizarre, inexplicable mass shooting
of schoolchildren at Washington D.C.'s National Zoo. Although there had
been some supposed gang-related scuffling inside the zoo among some of
the younger people, it is NOT certain the person who did the shooting
outside the zoo was in a gang or was directly involved in the previous scuffles.

On Thursday, one or two homemade explosives were detonated in Tuba City
High School on the Navajo reservation in Arizona. No threats had been
received and no motive has been determined for the attack which left
five students injured.

And again on Thursday: up in Utah, after shooting a woman in the leg
during an argument in a hotel room, the gunman then ran to a nearby
restaurant, killed the manager and critically wounded another employee,
then ran outside and killed a motorist and critically wounded another motorist.

The supposed mass shooter was supposedly caught Friday morning. But
strangely, police had PREVIOUSLY announced that a DIFFERENT suspect AND
two supposed accomplices had been arrested for the shootings--though
police later released all three and subsequently arrested another,
solitary, suspect. Hmmm...

And now on Friday we have a mass shooting in the Pittsburgh area,
clearly racially motivated; in which five people have been killed and a
sixth critically wounded.

Total for the week? Seven dead, seventeen injured in these incidents. So
maybe the Illuminati's blood sacrifices to Baal didn't happen on April
19 or 20 this year, but rather were spread out over several days during
the next week--perhaps partly to prevent suspicions from being overly aroused.

NewsHawk® Inc.

This is what's so cool about the internet.  I have received a few messages
from a reader in Pittsburg, PA on a shooting that has just happened there.
Look at the points made!  VIDEOTAPE or keep track of what is said on radio
and TV.  These media slime usually CHANGE the material to make it FIT
Whatever the FACTS are, you can guarantee that the FEDs will NOT want them.
This is to be used to PUSH DISARMAMENT HERE!  These incidents will only
INCREASE!  WE on the other side, must show WHO and WHY they are happening!
This person has been FAST with their fingers here too.  Here are the messages.

Dear Larry,
I have been pulling your info from your archives since you began.  You are wonderful!  Such an effort!  You have surpassed WND and other sources that are moving away from the "points"!!
I am sending this to tell you 2 things.
1.  I live 45 miles east of Pittsburgh.  Chemtrail spraying here is HEAVIER than anywhere I have seen photos of!!!  It began last July and is incessant!!!  Lately it is getting heavier, which is hard to believe.  We have been taking Colloidal Silver for almost a year now, so we are not feeling affected, however, the hospital and death notices are WAY UP!!!  Today, the spraying was so heavy that I actually cried!  No one looks up!  No one listens! And no one seems to care, but those of awake and hooked in!!!
2.  Another SHOOTING just occurred in Pittsburgh.  They are calling it a "HATE CRIME".  Shooter lived in very upscale neighborhood of Mt Lebanon (I used to live there).  He is a 34 yr old attorney.  Shot and killed his wife then proceeded to 3 synagogues blew out glass windows. No one shot at synagogues.  Proceeded then to a Chinese restaurant in Robinson Township shot and killed 2 people. And did this in a very Manchurian Candidate type fashion!!!!   This will be all over the place very soon!!!   They are running full no coverage with no interruptions here.
Just thought you should know.  Oh, and by the way, Al Gore was just in Pittsburgh YESTERDAY!!!!!
Keep up the great work Larry.  I have my own mailing list and do what I can on my end!
Kind Regards,

6 shot, 5 dead, 2 still in the hospital.  The shooter has that "glazed look"!!!!!

Hi Larry,
FBI is involved because they are calling this a HATE CRIME!!!  The ADL is now on the scene because 2 Jewish centers were targeted (no one shot at either of these), however, there was a Swastika spray painted on one of the centers buildings!!
Now, this is really interesting!!!!  Everyone initially described this man as being very well dressed in a tan suit and tie.  Gun in his briefcase.   I just saw the guy they picked up and they are  saying it is him, however.....Black Lee Jeans and a Black short sleeved tee shirt!!!!   Who had this guys change of clothes??????
There are 2 orientals and 2 Hindus dead along with a woman whom they have not confirmed now as being his wife.  She was found at his home.
There are lots of "shifty eyed spooks" about.  I know the look!!!! 
I will update you as much as I can!

History of mental illness also just reported!
I will look shortly for any links that might be up and will send them off to you ASAP.
Woman was not his wife.

Most complete BOOK on subject of MIND-CONTROL!   Learn the sick GAME that is played! 
Website: http://www.trance-formation.com by Reality Marketing, Inc.  P.O. Box 27740  Las Vegas, NV  89126  OR credit card orders: 1-800-656-3597 I'd advise paying CASH at a bookstore or be COVERT in how you order it.   The ISBN# is:0-9660165-4-8  $15 by Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips.    (This book gives NAMES!!!, Reagan, Bush, Robert Byrd, Clinton and MORE!!)
Subtitle:  The information we are about to share with you demonstrates the harsh reality of the Illuminist government and President we now have, and the even harsher reality that lies ahead for all mankind.  Gun Control utilizing powerful Black Magick Witchcraft is loose in the land.
Why So Many Lone Gunman
(Add this to your list.  More PROOF that many shootings HAVE been STAGED!!)
(This LINK wasn't working, HOWEVER material IS available on the
 walker_46253 yahoo address as mentioned above)
PROOF that Australia's Massacres WERE STAGED!!
For the FULL STORY, go to --
11/08/99 The Killing Voices of Kip Kinkel Associated Press
"Kinkel referred to the three voices in his head as A, B and C, saying they got
louder and louder as they told him to kill his father after his parents returned
home following Kip's expulsion from school, Bolstad said. "
"A said, 'You have to kill him. Shoot him,'" Bolstad quoted Kinkel as saying.
"My dad was sitting at the [breakfast] bar. The voices said, `Shoot him.' I had
no choice. The voices said I had no choice."
After he killed his mother, Kinkel said the voices told him to "go to school and kill
everybody. Look what you've already done," Bolstad said.
A note Kinkel left on the living room coffee table apologizing for killing his parents
was consistent with a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia, Bolstad said.
"My head just doesn't work right," Lane County sheriff's Detective Pamelia
McComas read from the note. "Goddamn these voices in my head.
'I have to kill people'
"I have to kill people. I don't know why. I have no other choice.
What have I become? I am so sorry.''
Kinkel told Bolstad he first heard the voices when he was 12 after getting off the
school bus and standing in the driveway of his home looking at a bush.
"It said, 'You need to kill everyone, everyone in the world,'" Bolstad said, adding
that Kinkel told him the voices may have come from the devil, a satellite or
a computer chip inserted in his head by the government.
Kinkel found solace in lyrics of the rock group Nine Inch Nails, which referred to
hearing voices, Bolstad added."
Remember the Dallas Shooter?? Maybe he DID hear them!! MK-SEARCH???
Victims: Kinkel Didn't Hear Voices
"Kip Kinkel's victims have stated in court that they believe he is lying about his
claim that voices in his head made him open fire inside his high school cafeteria."
- Associated Press
"Doctors called by the defense have testified that they found Kinkel to be a
paranoid schizophrenic driven to kill by hallucinations."  (Maybe....NOT!!)
Statement Given at Kinkel's Hearing
"Sack, a defense witness, concurred with earlier diagnoses of Kinkel as a
paranoid schizophrenic who was driven to kill by hallucinations of voices in his head."
The Mentally Ill Often Skirt a Landmark Federal Gun Control Law
With the voices inside her head ordering her to kill, Lisa Duy walked into Doug's Shoot'n
Sports here to buy a Smith & Wesson 9-millimeter semiautomatic pistol. Then, in the 10th grade,
she started to hear voices telling her that other students were spreading humiliating rumors about
her sexual proclivities.  Late adolescence is a common age for onset of schizophrenia, and as Lisa
got older, the voices grew more tormenting, threatening to hurt her. She began to have trouble
focusing during conversation, unable to distinguish between what people were actually telling her
and what the voices were saying. In 1994, during her sophomore year at the University of Utah,
her mother finally took her to the emergency room of the university hospital. There she reported
that the voices made it hard to sleep, caused burning in her head and had once led her to try to
stab herself in the heart to silence them, according to a later report by a psychologist, Stephen L.
Golding, included in court records in the shooting case. The doctors sent her to Valley Mental Health,
Utah's largest public mental health network, where she was placed on Mellaril, an antipsychotic drug
used to treat schizophrenia, and on an antidepressant.  As doctors later acknowledged in reports
related to the shooting, Mellaril has strong side effects, and Ms. Duy suffered from increased
agitation as well as rapid involuntary movement of her arms and legs. Besides, the medicine did
not stop the voices, and so she often quit taking it. Steve Wonder, she said, had placed a camera
inside her house and could read her mind. Not only that, he followed her everywhere, broadcasting
secret information about her, and had tried to run her off the road. Ms. Duy was taken to the
Neuropsychiatric Institute of the University of Utah, a high-security hospital. When she walked
into the television station's reception area and began shooting, it was like "going to a beautiful
island and I was spreading flowers at them, shooting at them," she later said
John Quinn on the Fort Worth Massacre
http://www.konformist.com/1999/ftworth-jq.htm  (BAD LINK AT THIS TIME!!)
The Colorado Massacre
Columbine Research Task Force
Children & GUNS
"NOW when you combine this and more with Pyschotropic DRUGS being given to our American children from birth (and we are coming to understand there are "programs" such as MKULTRA and other Manchurian Candidate programs, Montauk etc. - wherein the U.S. intelligence community have been conducting experiments on "sleepers" who years later "hear voices in their heads" commanding them to take action), is there any wonder why it is easy to "control" children to SHOOT TO KILL?"
The Shooting Massacres
"It's a part of the governmental "disarmament project", which has been in practice for quite
a while now. The Illuminati plan the big take-over and to make sure we, the citizens, can't
defend ourselves properly, they want to disarm us. It would be too obvious if they just
knocked on our doors and demanded us to give them our weapons, in contradiction to the
constitution. So they do it the ordinary way - the way they always work. This is the strategy:...
CKLN-FM Mind Control Series Table of Contents
Mind Control & MK-ULTRA
MK-ULTRA from the book The CIAs Greatest Hits
Excerpts from the book, "TRANCEFormation of America"
Conspiracy LINKS (Including Mind Control)
Mind Control and Government Involvement in Behavioral Modification
Snakebite's Den
Mind Control
MKULTRA Mind Control Revealed: The True Story
MKULTRA Mind Control Revealed: The True Story
On video, Brice Taylor tells how she was conditioned through trauma in order
many of the ELITE of the world. Her shocking story will give you insight into
the horrendous crimes inflicted on American citizens. If you care about
HUMANITY, OUR FREEDOM AND OUR PLANET, you won't miss this vital
information shared by this truly courageous woman.
Mind Control Slavery and the New World Order
"The Mind Stealers, Psychosurgery and Mind Control
 Mind Control
Mind Control Projects
Mind Control on the Web
mimicry, and memory blanking are easily done with current mind control technology.
Research on the technologies of mind control
(Details of MK-ULTRA Programs)
Castle Mirage - The Prelude: Conjurella
"U.S. government mind control programs, like MK-Ultra and Monarch, directed against
helpless victims--human guinea pigs--have been virtually ignored by the Big Media Cartel."
(Technical material on microchip BRAIN implantations)
UHF Stimulation System
Mind Control With Silent Sounds And Super Computers
Major Electromagnetic Mind Control Projects
CIA Shrinks & LSD
Recent human biochip implant
Behavior control via drinking water & virus vectors
Guyana's state newspaper is repeating accusations that the former People's
National Congress in that country bears some of the blame for the Jonestown
massacre. The paper is also accusing the CIA of using the Rev. Jim Jones'
People's Temple Mission to test mind-control drugs.  - CNN
Persuasion & Brainwashing Techniques
Ashbrook's letters to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Guns Are Blamed, but What About Prescription Drugs?
Likely due to pressure from the pharmaceutical industry-heavy advertisers in all media-the national debate on the epidemic of teen violence has ignored the widespread use of prescription drugs in teens and particularly those who have committed monstrous acts. However, the drug-violence link is frighteningly common. Fifteen-year-old Shawn Cooper of Notus, Idaho, fired a shotgun at students and school staff. According to his stepfather, he had been taking an SSRI. Thirteen-year-old Chris Fetters of Iowa killed her favorite aunt. She was taking Prozac. Kip Kinkel, a 15-year-old youth, went on a rampage in Oregon. He first shot and killed his parents, spent the night with the bodies (characteristic of the dissociative reaction these drugs often cause), then killed two and wounded 22 of his fellow students at Thurston High School. He was taking Prozac.
SSRI Drugs Can Turn People Into MonstersLook, folks, these are the acts of monsters. The accessibility of guns and violent movies alone does not create monsters out of children. But  .        .        .    http://www.drwhitaker.com/hottopics
Aerial Mind-Control
When gun laws fail
Hawaii has some of the strictest gun laws in America--ABC News
Globalist Goals
Globalist Goals
Exposing the Illuminati's ORDO AB CHAO, order through chaos plan is
essential for their demise. These people are criminally insane, they are
the architects of an evilarchian SOCIALISTIC SOCIETY, if allowed to
succeed would literally establish HELL ON EARTH.
(More on Mind-Control HERE too!)
U.N. Coming for Your GUNS!!
Global Gun Grab
The United Nations is very troubled that the United States has retained its
Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Radical new UN proposals
treat free people with the means to effect their own self-defense as a vital
threat to the United Nations and its quest for what it calls the "peace-building process."
- Thomas R. Eddlem
"States are encouraged to integrate measures to control ammunition...."
(Get it NOW or you will NOT be able to!!!   Will also make good BARTER!!)
"States should work toward … the prohibition of unrestricted trade and
private ownership of small arms and light weapons...." (No Gun Shows!!)
The United Nations call for banning even hunting rifles and antique revolvers from
civilian possession demonstrates the radical and groundbreaking nature of the report."
"The equation is quite easy to understand: Gun "buy-backs" prepare the public for
uniform gun registration, which leads to universal gun confiscation and a state
monopoly on lethal force. This was the process that led to mass murder of subject
populations in Soviet Russia, National Socialist Germany, Communist China, and other
despotisms. With the covert aid of the Clinton administration, the UN is now implementing
this process on a global basis. "  (I could not possibly agree more!!)
The RESISTER has confirmed that US Navy SEAL platoons, including SEAL Team
Six, Marine combat veterans stationed at Twenty-Nine Palms, CA, and Marine basic
trainees at Camp Pendelton, CA, have been administered a questionnaire asking,
among other things, if they would "...fire upon US citizens who refuse or resist
confiscation of firearms banned by the US government."
Gun Control = Despotism
Next, our guns
"The United Nations is dead serious about controlling the manufacture, sale,
and distribution of fire arms - all fire arms. Since its inception, the U.N. has
been working toward the disarmament of nations in preference to an international
(read: U.N.) army."
Operation Vampire Killer 2000
The "Need to Know" Forum
New World Order Mercenaries
 This site has Fritz Springmeieir's
book on Mind Control Slaves there totally online.  I read it some
time back and recognized in April that the movie "The Matrix"
was LOADED, I mean it was DESIGNED from top to bottom
with the Alice in Wonderland theme 'TRIGGERS'.  I started
warning people THEN that we'd see shootings here in the U.S.
increase just like Britain and Australia had happen.  This
technology was brought over by NAZI German Scientist Joseph
Megele. The CIA has since REFINED it now using microchips.
When you see a story that a person has been "hearing voices"
especially telling them to kill somebody....Guess what?
The technology is here to do this!  Heck, it's not that hard once
you implant somebody to drive em nuts! 
She shot herself
Students, teachers angry; court may order treatment
And hundreds of La Cima students, co-workers and parents were left grappling with conflicting
emotions of anger and compassion as to why a teacher would apparently send herself death
threats then stage an attack.  Students were on their lunch break when Sheriff Clarence Dupnik
was holding a news conference to say Morris had shot herself, falsely implicated a student in the
threats and caused authorities to launch a massive search for an attacker that never existed. But
he said, at the very least, there is almost no doubt that Morris will prove to have "some tragic
personal history" that triggered her seemingly inexplicable action.  He cautioned against giving
too much credence to the only motive Morris provided — telling detectives she wanted to highlight
the school's inadequate security.
 So, the way to tell the truth is to kind of tune yourself to know what
to look for.  There are other movies that discuss this same subject.
The most classic is an old BW "The Manchurian Candidate"
Charles Bonson in "Telephon" and then the trigger movie "MATRIX"

Foreign troops have been practicing with police and military HERE
in the U.S. to take guns the past 3 years.  NOW they have STAGED
these incidents to give them the EXCUSE to do so.  You can actually
see these foreign troops and maneuvers in a new videotape
documentary called "Police State 2000" this and a TON  more info is
at http://www.infowars.com

WorldNetDaily Exclusive

China, N. Korea, Russia solidify ties
Seek cooperative economic, military agreements --WND
Yeltsin Growls a Warning at Clinton
"BEIJING -- President Boris Yeltsin, in a stunning outburst, reminded U.S. President Bill
Clinton on Thursday that Russia possessed a "full nuclear arsenal" and would not be
lectured on its military assault on Chechnya."
Putin's empire begins to growl
Russia bolstering military, befriending repressive regimes --London Times
Western experts and Asian diplomats say that over the last year Moscow's security ties to Beijing
have surpassed simple cash-for-weapons transactions. - Washington Post
China's destroyers worry Taiwan
U.S. ships could be threatened by delivery of Russian-built vessels--Associated Press
Official: US Army Concentration Camp and Civilian Inmate Labor System Revealed.
Read the Cover Letter - US Army
Read the Manual -- US Army
The Coming American Holocaust And-The double Cross
 For daily news check the following LINKS:
SIERRA TIMES         Genesis               Spotlight              Page 1 News



Hopefully you'll check this stuff out and it will make you MAD! 

I'm not advocating you to do anything other than TELL OTHERS!
I at least can rest knowing I've TRIED to warn others. 
PLEASE!  Don't buy the PROPAGANDA the media is selling you.
It WILL cost you your LIFE!      STOP GUN CONROL NOW!!
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